FOX Sports welcomes a new publisher for UK

FOX Sports is excited to announce today that Jeff Drummond has joined the team at FoxSports to serve as publisher of this site.

Hello and welcome to the new FoxSports Kentucky site.

My name is Jeff Drummond. Many of you know me from my work over the years at various websites and publications dedicated to coverage of your University of Kentucky Wildcats. I've been in the web-based news business for more than 12 years now and have been blessed to get to know many of you on a personal level as you have followed my work and become friends through message boards and the magic of this ever-changing technology.

I'm proud to announce today that I have joined the team at FoxSports to serve as publisher of this site.

You may ask, "So why FoxSports?"

Over the years, I've been a big admirer of the way the team at Fox has approached its work. I have many friends and respected colleagues on the network, and they have long expressed an interest in working together if the time and circumstances were right. That time is now.

FoxSports has made a huge investment in our market in recent years. Evan Daniels, a Lexington resident like myself, heads the network's basketball recruiting department. He has become one of the premier talent evaluators and most-respected recruiting reporters in the nation. Along with Brian Snow, our basketball recruiting staff is second to none, and I'm extremely excited to work alongside those guys on a daily basis to cover the recruiting efforts of the eight-time national champions.

Brian Eldridge, a longtime friend and fellow UK message board regular, has become an outstanding football recruiting reporter and developed an excellent reputation among the Bluegrass State's high school coaches and players. He's one of 30 national football recruiting analysts who work hard to ensure that Fox has the most up-to-date information on prospects across the country. They are also dedicated to visiting each site on the network and interacting with fans on a level that is unsurpassed in this industry.

And, most recently, the network made a huge splash by hiring Jody Demling, the veteran prep sports and recruiting expert from the Louisville Courier-Journal, to head its site dedicated to coverage of our rival Cardinals.

This sent a clear message to me that FoxSports was serious about being the authority on college sports and recruiting in our market. I am extremely excited to join forces with them and provide Big Blue fans with the very best in UK team news and recruiting updates.

Soon, we'll be unveiling a new site name and redesign of the FoxSports platform. I've had a chance to see the new design, and it blew me away. The network is going to be on the cutting edge, and there's much more to come in the future.

I hope you'll give us a look and see what we have to offer. Those who have followed me in the past will attest that I will work tirelessly to give you the very best value for your network subscription. If you're interested in trying us out, we have a great promotional offer for you. Click here and choose the monthly option. Once you are billed for the first month, we'll give you a second and third month for FREE. Enjoy the best in UK team news and recruiting coverage for three months at the price of one!

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