Nike Peach Jam, Day Two

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. – It's heating up down here on a number of fronts. From Tyler Hansbrough to Andrew Brackman, here's the latest rundown on some of the day's top efforts.

Nike Peach Jam, Day Two

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Andrew Brackman, PF, All-Ohio: Never heard of him? No clue who he is? Don't be ashamed, he's just bursting onto the scene. This forward from Cincinnati Moeller has transformed his recruiting from a solid mid-major battle to what could wind up being a high-major war. But wait, not only is his stock going through the roof, he's a big time pitching prospect and a guy who'll be a major league draftee. Brackman entered The Peach with a few mids chasing him but after showing grit inside and a jumper as well, he's the talk of the event amongst coaches.

Tyler Hansbrough vs. Ra'Sean Dickey: We love those inter-class matchups. In this one, Hansbrough went off for 25 points (14-14 FT) and 10 boards. Dickey had in the neighborhood of a dozen and his team won in overtime. For most of the game, Hansbrough was the aggressor. It wasn't until late in the second half that Dickey stepped up. A surprising spin move from the corner got him past Hansbrough and all the way to the hoop for a monster dunk.

Hansbrough is one of the top underclassmen here and he's got an amazing ability to fill the seats. College basketballs heavy hitters – you name them – they were ALL here today watching him. The elite of the elite were lining the walls of the gym and the kid didn't disappoint.

Ron Coleman, SG, The Family: The wrap on Coleman is that he tends to be one-dimensional. Well, today he took steps towards diversifying his game. Coleman did some perimeter work but it was another facet of his game that caught our attention. Apparently he liked the matchup and dove to the post numerous times today. He did some nice things either with his fadeaway or his passing ability from that spot.

Jason Rich, SG, Nike Team Florida: With Alexander Kaun on the sidelines, the burden of scoring and being a leader falls squarely on his shoulders. He had 22 points today and this team is asking a lot of him. Nice effort.

Zam Frederick, SG, SC Ravens: Apparently he's played pretty well here and Tuesday was a good day. Instead of settling for his jumper, the guard showcased a few more facets of his game as he took it to the rim and rebounded as well. He had over 20 in the win against St. Louis.

Gauchos Guards: Traditionally, New York guards terrorize opposing AAU basketball teams. Down in Augusta, the Gauchos trio is doing work. Led by scoring machine Russell Robinson and joined by sharpshooter Ronald Ramon and the versatile Sundiatta Gaines, the Gauchos should be strong in the playoffs. Each of these guys can stroke it and they are tenacious on the ball. Robinson had 22 in the game we caught and went 10-for-10 from the line.

A.J. Price, PG, Riverside: There are four gyms at the Riverview Park Athletic Center and we can't be everywhere. However, the word gets out fast each time Price plays. Like we said yesterday, he's moving up the charts with his stroke and command of the pace of the game.

2005 Checklist

Chris Douglas-Roberts, PG, The Family: He was outstanding in the game we caught today. First of all, the guy can really pass and he's about 6-5. Today he got to the rim and finished with some creativity. Meanwhile, he was guarding his man hard on the perimeter.

Cassan Breeden, F, SC Ravens: You talk about an athletic specimen, Breeden's the guy. He looks to be multi-positional and supremely athletic. Once the pieces come together he's going to be a terror. He was rejecting shots and stealing boards today.

Keith Brumbaugh, F, Team Florida: You're going to hear a lot about him in the coming season. He's got all kinds of gifts, is left-handed and really knows how to score. From the range on the jumper to the crafty spinners in the lane, he's one of the best scorers in the class.

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