Calipari visits Harrison twins

John Calipari saw three of his top recruiting targets in the Class of 2013 on Sunday during a swing through the Lone Star State.

John Calipari saw three of his top recruiting targets in the Class of 2013 on Sunday during a swing through the Lone Star State.

In addition to meeting with five-star forward Julius Randle in Plano, the Kentucky coach also made a trip to Richmond to meet with five-star twin brothers Andrew Harrison and Aaron Harrison.

"It was good," said the players' father, Aaron Harrison Sr. "He definitely went more extensively into things than he has previously. It was very detailed about how they run their system, that kind of stuff. He told them that they're the perfect fit for the dribble-drive, athletic guys who are about 6-foot-6, 212 pounds and can do a lot of different things."

Asked if his sons share that sentiment, Harrison Sr. said "Yes, they do. They like what they've seen and heard."

Andrew Harrison is a point guard rated No. 1 at his position and No. 2 overall in the Class of 2013 by Scout. Aaron Harrison is a shooting guard also rated No. 1 at his position and No. 3 overall in his class.

"The Harrison duo is a heck of a tandem," said Scout national basketball analyst Evan Daniels. "When those two step on the floor, you can expect toughness, competitiveness and a lot of points from them.

"Andrew is the point guard and has a rare combination of size, strength, athleticism, vision and creating ability. He's a future NBA lead guard and somehow that can simply over power and out skill the competition. He's also an equipped scorer that can get his points when need.

"While Andrew is on the ball, Aaron plays off of it. He's arguably the top scorer in the country because of his ability to score at the rim, from mid-range and also well past the 3-point stripe. His range extends well past the 3-point line and he's capable of scoring just as well off the bounce as he is off the catch."

The Harrisons' recruitment has been narrowed down to Kentucky, Maryland, Baylor and SMU, although the family has yet to proclaim a leader. Many recruiting observers suggest that the Wildcats are in the driver's seat, while others believe that Maryland has become a strong challenger to the national champions.

Don't believe any of it, dad says.

"You hear it. There are a lot of ‘experts' out there," he said. "I just laugh because these kids really don't talk to anyone about it. Their mother and I have been telling them they need to start giving us a little more feedback because we're not even sure what they're thinking right now. How would anyone else know? They're excellent mind-readers if they do."

A key component that many have underestimated, he said, is the players' mother.

"These in-home visits have been the first opportunity their mom has had to sit down with the coaches and talk face to face about her kids," Harrison Sr. said. "And let me tell you, I don't know what the percentage would be, but her input on their decision will be much larger than mine.

"From her perspective, she doesn't care if they ever dribble a basketball again. She wants to make sure her boys are going to safe and looked after and get their education. She was very much an active part of these three visits we had back to back to back."

The Harrisons also entertained Baylor on Sunday. On Monday, the Maryland staff come to visit.

"It's a lot of information to take in," Harrison Sr. said. "They boys really didn't say all that much. They just listened for the most part."

Asked if he sees the process drawing closer to an end, the players' father said: "Yes, without a doubt. I think they're starting to get a better idea."

The Harrisons do not have any official visits set in stone, contrary to some previous reports. Harrison Sr. said those will occur, but he's not sure about the exact dates with any of the schools. The conversation did not come up with Calipari, he said.

"They were there for (Big Blue) Madness last year," he said. "They have a pretty good idea of what it's like."

The twins plan to announce their decision publicly after their birthday on Oct. 29.

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