Florida QB likes Wildcats

A quarterback from the Sunshine State who had been hearing from Kentucky's former coaching staff hopes he also draws a look from Mark Stoops & Co.

A big spring and summer lies ahead for a junior quarterback prospect from the Sunshine State who is hoping to draw the eye of the new coaching staff at Kentucky.

"Coach (Andre) Woodson had been talking to me from the previous staff," said Winter Springs (Fla.) High School quarterback Anthony Siciliano. "I was starting to form a good relationship with him, and hopefully he put in a good word for me before he left. I'm hoping to hear from the new staff and coach (Mark) Stoops. Kentucky is one of the schools I want to visit either in the spring or the summer."

Asked why he's attracted to UK, Siciliano said: "Well, coach Stoops has a really good reputation, plus they're bringing in a great offense for a quarterback. Also, I have quite a few friends who have committed to play up there, guys like Jeff Badet and Blake McClain. I used to play with (McClain) in Pop Warner. It was nice to see guys from around here signing to play for them. I've been around a bunch of those guys in camps and stuff like that."

Siciliano (6-0, 185, 4.8) passed for 1,015 yards as a junior. He has drawn early interest from programs like Purdue, Penn State, Miami, Arkansas, Rice, Rutgers and Boise State, among others.

"I've been invited to Purdue's spring game in April. I think I'll actually be attending that one," Siciliano said. "I'll probably go to Miami in the spring, too, and maybe Arkansas. I was invited to Boise State's junior day, too, but it's so far away, I think I'm going to wait until the summer to check them out."

One of the big challenges Siciliano will face heading into his senior year is convincing the scouts that his total package of tools at the position trump his lack of size.

"I know that's going to come up," he said. "Hey, I would love to be 6-4 or 6-5. That would be awesome. But I wasn't given that, so I look at guys like (New Orleans Saints quarterbrack) Drew Brees and Russell Wilson (of the Seattle Seahawks) as my role models. They're not the tallest guys, either, but they do everything else that a quarterback needs to do to win games -- technique, accuracy, smarts, leadership... all that stuff. Height doesn't define them, and I won't let it define me."

The Brees connection is a plus for the Boilermakers. "I really like what they do with their offense," Siciliano said. "I'm very attracted to that."

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