Calipari: Draft rule could affect stay at UK

Appearing on the Dan Patrick Show in support of his new book, "Players First," UK coach John Calipari touched on the current NBA Draft eligibility rule and how the future of "one and done" could affect his time in Lexington.

After having a week to recuperate from Kentucky's NCAA Tournament run to the Final Four, John Calipari began a national media tour on Monday in support of his new book "Players First."

Appearing on the Dan Patrick Show in New York City, the UK boss again dismissed the rumor that he would soon be the new coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, but also raised some eyebrows when he acknowledged his days in Lexington could be numbered.

Asked about his reputation with the "one and done" player, Calipari reiterated his desire to see the current rule for NBA Draft eligibility change.

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"What we need to do, the NBA, the players' association and the NCAA, has to get together to encourage this to go to two years," he said. "To do what we're doing, every year have a new team, you can look at me right now, Dan, and say ‘You've aged.' Yes, I have. It's like you're on this treadmill that just doesn't slow down."

Calipari acknowledged that it affected his health at times this season, which was compounded by dealing with an ailing hip that will require replacement surgery in the off-season.

"My whole mindset is, how do we get through this?" he said.

If the NBA and the players' association does not reach a new agreement, Calipari indicated he could not maintain the pace he has been on during his time in Lexington.

Asked if he could envision himself at UK three to five years from now if the rule does not change, Calipari said: "It would be hard. It would be hard, because the option is to recruit players who are not good enough, or convince kids that should leave that they should stay.

"I'm not comfortable with that second one, and the fans, the Big Blue Nation in Kentucky, wouldn't be comfortable with the first one, so it becomes let's get it to two years. Why? Because it's good for everybody."

Watch the full video of Calipari's appearnace on the Dan Patrick Show below:

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