NBA CAMP: One on one with Eron Gordon

Duke was involved in recruiting his brother years back and now the Blue Devils are going to host four star scoring guard Eron Gordon this weekend for a visit. We spoke with Gordon about that and more at the NBA Camp.

What kind of questions are you going into the Duke visit with?

Eron Gordon: You know who are the guys that run it, how do they react with you, their workouts and basically a day in the life of athletes.

Who from the Duke staff has been in contact with you and your family recently?

I'm not sure, there's an assistant coach and Coach K contacted my brother and some of my assistant coaches a few months ago. I'm not 100% sure, but an assistant coach was the one who contacted us recently.

What did your brother say about the contact he had with Coach K?

He said that they really like my game and that I would really like it there. Coach K said i would fit their style. 

Has Duke given any indication that a potential offer might be forthcoming in the future?

Yes he said that he could see me in their jersey, so I'm hoping for an offer but I'm not 100% sure if it will come.

If a Duke offer is given, how big a deal is that in your recruitment?

It will be a big deal, not saying I would commit right away but that's been one of my favorite colleges growing up after IU, that's one of the most historical colleges of all time, it would be fun.

How much are you paying attention to depth charts and recruiting of the schools you are seriously looking at?

No, I feel like I'm friends with a lot of different people and I think I could get to learn a lot of different people with what they are about. At this point it's about where I fit and to be open-minded with who you play with.

Out of the schools recruiting you that haven't offered yet, are there any that you are really hoping to receive an offer from?

Basically all of them, I just want to be recruited a little bit more, give me some more options. I've been held back since my freshman year a little since my brother went to IU and I was held back from being recruited a little bit because I think some schools felt like i was likely to go to IU. I'm just seeing more, hoping for more schools to come in.

What's your thoughts on the Adidas and Nike fan discussion when it comes to recruiting? Is that something that's even a part of your thought process when it comes to your recruitment or is it irrelevant?

I think that's very irrelevant. College is just a college whether it's Adidas or Nike or whatever.

Duke obviously recruited your brother for awhile before he committed, how much does that weigh into your evaluation of them in your recruitment?

Basically it does weigh in a little bit. They showed a lot of interest in my brother and I learned not to commit early. That's what takes your mind off basketball and I want to keep my mind on basketball and basically not de-commit. Whatever school you are going to, you should keep your mind made up.

How much are you going to incorporate how your brother and your dad feel about schools into your thoughts on schools you are considering?

Really my dad is going to be the main one, he's the one who i'll likely incorporate some of how he feels into it.

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