Spurrier Talks UK Matchup

South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier met with the media in Columbia Tuesday to discuss his team’s upcoming game at Kentucky. This AllWildcats feature includes some of the highlights from his press conference.

On This Week’s Matchup with Kentucky
"Kentucky Wildcats are a pretty good team. They don't look like some of their teams from 10 to 15 years ago. They're a very fast, athletic defense that is actually nationally ranked in most all categories. They're a good-looking team. They're tough, smart, well-coached and it will be a challenge when we go into Commonwealth Stadium to play Kentucky this year.”

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“They're 3-1, lost an overtime game down in the Swamp, had a chance to win it, but it didn't work out for them so it should be a heckuva game. Looking forward to going up there and see if we can get back on schedule a bit.

“Last week is history, disappointing the way it ended, but that's the way it happened. Actually I thought our defensive team played maybe the best defensive game since I've been here with seven minutes left, and we didn't finish well, didn't finish on offense and neither of our special teams. About a 20 yard punt return right there near the end of the game also. So we didn't finish and we have to regroup and go to Kentucky and get back playing hopefully as well as we can.”

"When we lose a game, all of the little mistakes that you make all the time, come to light. We had three third-and-ones that we had penalties on. One of our defensive kids lined up offside when we got the interception there in the first quarter. We had a lot of little things and when it's a close game like that and we lose, they all surface. Hopefully we can be sharper and hopefully not beat ourselves at all and try to play the best we can up at Kentucky."

On Having 20 Wins Over Kentucky
"We played them all 12 years I was at Florida so I guess that's why I have 20, and 8-1 here, but they beat us up there back in 2010, but we had a lot better teams than them back in those days, and we won some close ones too. I can remember one night up there in '93, we actually threw seven interceptions and won the game. That might be a record... Terry Dean threw four and Danny Wuerffel threw three. And we got the ball back, I didn't know which one to put in, and Danny said 'Coach, we can get 'em.' I said 'You're in, Danny. Go.' And I'll be danged he hit Chris Doering on about a 30-yard pass with seven seconds left and we beat 'em. Danny became the quarterback after that."

On Playing at Home vs. Road
"We've had some pretty good road games and some not so good road games. That Arkansas game last year was our best road game probably, but we've done decent on the road. I remember back in '06, second year here, we lost four home games and won about all the road games I believe that year."

On The Job Mark Stoops Has Done at UK
"Mark being a defensive coordinator getting a head job, of course he has a defensive coordinator, but I actually think that they're doing a lot of things that Oklahoma does also. Obviously the brothers meet together a lot in the offseason and so forth and they have a nice scheme of things. They'll blitz a little more than most teams do. They've got guys coming and they play a little more man-to man than we saw last week. Mark's background is defense. What they've done a good job of is the strength and conditioning of the team. They recruit into Ohio a lot more than Kentucky used to and they've had some nice recruiting years, their team looks good. They look good in their uniforms. They play fast and hustle, which is sort of defensive background coach that (Stoops) is."

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