Kentucky Survives and Advances

The Wildcats face Wisconsin in a rematch of last season’s spectacular Final Four game.

The question of whether anyone can beat Kentucky – if it was still a question at this point – is over. Clearly, after the way Notre Dame played Kentucky to the brink, someone can beat the Wildcats. But then, the best part about Kentucky’s season hasn’t been that they’re an unstoppable force marching toward a perfect destiny. Rather, the best part about the season is that these guys are human beings who, despite their laurels coming into the program, play really hard, team basketball. They defend. They pass, and rarely is a bad shot taken. Willie Cauley-Stein doesn’t pout when he doesn’t get the ball on a post-up – instead, he works hard to get an offensive rebound. Devin Booker doesn’t try to isolate and go one-on-one, and so on.

Besides, whether anyone can beat Kentucky and whether anyone will beat Kentucky are two very different questions. ">Be there in Indianapolis when we finally answer whether anyone did beat Kentucky.

But don’t count on that happening.

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