Coach's Corner with Brent Pease

Read the thoughts of UK offensive coordinator Brent Pease after reviewing film of the Louisville game...

LEXINGTON, Ky. --- This story marks the continuation of a new weekly feature we'll have called "Coach's Corner." They will include observations from the UK coaching staff --- primarily the offensive and defensive coordinator --- after review film from the preivous game. This piece features the thoughts of OC Brent Pease:

BBD: What did the game film reveal from your loss to Louisville?

"Running game wise, we need to move people off the ball a littlle bit better. And the backs need to see the seams a little better. There were times when no seams were there, but there were others when there was a nice seam, and the just didn't get up into it. That's the first thing we've got to work on.

Shane Boyd (7) makes the
fake to Chad Scott
and prepares to roll out

"Throwing the ball, we've got to start running crisper routes, and when the route's run right, we've got to have the quarterback deliver the ball where it's supposed to be. We've got to have better anticipation from both our quarterbacks. We were waiting for people to get open instead of putting the ball where it's supposed to be and having the receiver be there at the right place and time.

"I think (quarterbacks Jared Lorenzen and Shane Boyd) were also following the receivers too much and not reading the coverages, knowing where the zones are and where our best matchup is in the man.

"I thought our tempo and getting in and out of the huddle was pretty good. We just couldn't seem to get into any kind of flow. Our continuity was up and down, up and down, and consequently, I was probably a little inconsistent in my play calling and putting them in better situations. I've got to do a better job of that this week and from this point on."

BBD: How difficult is it to get into a flow as frustration mounts over the course of a game?

"It can be tough. The biggest thing is we let (Louisville) dictate the game. They didn't throw a scheme that we couldn't handle or anything that we didn't expect, but they changed things up a bit, and we didn't adjust well.

"We also didn't do a good job of getting into better second down and third down situations. You don't want to be in second-and-eight or third-and-nine all day, but it seemed like we were. We've got to do a better job on first down."

BBD: Was there anything you thought you'd be able to take advantage of going into the game that never materialized?

"We thought we'd be able to throw a little more three-step game, but their corners came up and got aggressive, and we couldn't throw as much as we had in mind. We made some plays there, a few in the second half, but not nearly as much as we anticipated.

"When people take initial things away, we've got to, instead of forcing things, go to the proper reads and find a higher percentage spot."

BBD: One question we heard asked quite a bit concerned the lack of crossing routes, slants, and using the middle of the field in general. Was that taken away, or was it something you did not plan to do?

"Well, what they were playing, and what we originally planned for, we thought we could go to the outside. And then they came out and pressed our guys, kept their backers inside, and we felt like we couldn't attack those lanes. So we tried to focus more on the second-level stuff, the outside stuff. From what I'm seeing upstairs, I can't put our quarterbacks in that position to be throwing into a lot of double-traffic over the middle."

BBD: You turned the ball over four times. Obviously, that's never going to bode well for your chances of winning.

"No. And when you turn the ball over, you don't get the opportunity for reps. I think we had 65 plays. A realistic goal is 75, 80 plays a game. When you don't do that, first of all, you leave your defense on the field too long. We saw that Saturday. And then you never get into that flow. You start relying on big plays, and we just didn't have any big plays. We have some goals for big plays like 25-plus passes and 15-plus runs, but we didn't have any of those. Dougie (Allen) got one late in the game, but nothing until it was out of control."

BBD: Did film review reveal that anyone played particularly well?

"Well, on offense, you've got to have 11 guys playing together. It really doesn't do you any good to have one guy over here doing a good job and another guy over there doing a good job. If just one guy out of those 11 breaks down, the whole play can break down. And it all starts with the quarterback bringing the play in. Then the communication between him and the center and all down the line. If that information doesn't get to the receivers, we're going to have a breakdown somewhere. You've got to have everybody on the same page."


n Kentucky Rushing: 28-58 (2.1 per carry)

n Kentucky Passing: 15 of 37, 155 yards, 0 TD, 2 INT (41% completion rate)

n Sacked: 3

n Turnovers: 2 INTS (Lorenzen, Boyd), 2 Fumbles Lost (Lorenzen, Boyd)


n None.


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