Joe Crawford rescinds commitment

Joe Crawford dropped a bomb in early July when he announced his intentions to rescind his commitment from Michigan and take a look around. Here's the latest on one of the nation's best shooting guards.

For the most part, it caught everyone at the 2003 Nike Camp by surprise. Word leaked out that Joe Crawford, one of the elite players in the Class of 2003, had rescinded his verbal commitment to the Michigan Wolverines.

Crawford said little about the situation during the camp, but school lists and speculation ran wild. Nowadays, after the dust has settled, he feels like Michigan is still strong and Notre Dame, Cincinnati, Kentucky and Clemson are charging hard. He's also talked with Michigan State and Illinois.

"Right now, I haven't talked strong to everyone yet," Crawford said. "Some coaches have been calling but I don't know how interested they are because I haven't called back yet."

Early on there was some speculation that Crawford and teammate Malik Hairston could go to the same college. It's still a possibility but unlikely. Many of the schools recruiting just one of the teammates feel it would be unwise to start showing the same kind of attention to the both of them.

"Some coaches think that if we go to the same school we'd play the same position so they pick either one us [to recruit]. They feel like we're both good so they'd just take either one but sometimes they don't have a spot for both of us."

Crawford attends Renaissance, a challenging high school in Detroit, and time for visits has been hard to come by. He doesn't have an official trip set up yet. "We're trying to arrange that right now because I don't know when I want to take them yet. At Renaissance you get a lot work so we're trying to arrange that."

Essentially, it's the second time around for Crawford. He felt like he committed too early to Michigan the first time. So, what's important to him this time around?

"Support; alumni support. Fans. People who support the team and the coach. I want to see how interested they are in you and how they're going to use you."

The Family AAU team was using Crawford well, that's for sure. He and Hairston were teaming up all spring and summer long. In fact, they were on the verge of their first major title when disaster struck on July 25. Crawford twisted his non-shooting wrist and was forced to sit out the title game of the Super Showcase. The Family would eventually fall to the New York Gauchos.

Regardless, the shooting guard remains one of the top targets on the board in his class.

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