GALLERY: Scenes from Kentucky Wildcats' open practice Monday

Mark Stoops opened the gates at the new UK Football Training Center on Monday to give the media a glimpse of the Wildcats in action. This AW photo gallery features a few shots from the morning workout, including Tavin Richardson (above) making a tough grab against the coverage of Derrick Baity.

BELOW: Stoops confers with defensive back Kendall Randolph (in red jersey) and linebacker Jordan Jones. Drummond

BELOW: Jojo Kemp leads the running backs through an agility drill. Drummond

BELOW: Freshman QB Gunnar Hoak drops back to pass. Drummond

BELOW: Kayaune Ross went high to haul down a pass over the coverage of Jordan Griffin. Drummond

BELOW: Drew Barker flips the ball to a teammate on the end-around. Drummond

BELOW: Ryan Timmons heads upfield after a catch. Drummond

BELOW: Punter Bryan Kirshe unloads. Drummond

BELOW: Freshman running back Benny Snell works on an agility drill. Drummond

BELOW: A slimmed-down Matt Elam has some fun with fullback Will Collins. Drummond

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