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Walker Wood taking role of commit/recruiter for Kentucky Wildcats

Every college team in the country has its “recruiter,” the verbally committed player who helps lead the class and recruit other top prospects. The coaching staff loves those type of guys, but the problem is they’re somewhat rare. The Wildcats got one of those guys in the 2017 class with Lexington (Ky.) Lafayette quarterback Walker Wood. 

Wood has been committed to UK since last October. Despite being committed for so long, his passion and love for the program has not worn off a bit.

“I love Coach (Mark) Stoops and I believe in him," he said. "Coach (John) Schlarman played a very big role in my recruitment as well. When I go to UK, I feel at home. That's a big thing for me. I love the staff that Stoops has brought in.”

When Wood first committed to the Cats, he was a tireless recruiter and really helped the staff put together an impressive class. However, now that his senior season has started, he hasn’t had much time to recruit. But Woods plans to do his best and stay active on the recruiting trail.

“I think I could do a better job of recruiting," he said. "During the season, I really try to focus in on my current high school team and our goals, so I don't have as much time to talk to the other recruits as much. Also, they're pretty busy as well. But I have a relationship with most of the guys, and we have a good group right now.”

Wood isn’t the only fellow “recruiter” among the 2017 commits. Prospects like Alex King, Tyrell Ajian, and Jamin Davis have all done a lot of recruiting. With a lot of Kentucky targets still remaining on the board, those four guys have a lot of work to do. However, Wood has been working extremely hard as he's been pursuing the biggest fish still left on the board in 2017, Lafayette teammate and four-star offensive tackle Jedrick Wills. 

“Jedrick Wills is my biggest target," he said. "Jed really is my guy and I think he likes UK a lot. At the end of the day, he is going to do what's best for him, and I'm going to support him either way. I'm not positive, but we will probably be at the next home game for Kentucky together."

“I talk to a bunch of different guys," Wood added. "One I have a good relationship with is Mike Warren. We are cool outside of the recruitment.”

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