Coach's Corner with Brent Pease

Kentucky offensive coordinator Brent Pease says he likes what he sees in the Cats' improved execution...

LEXINGTON, Ky. --- This edition of "Coach's Corner" features the thoughts of offensive coordinator Brent Pease on his unit's performance against Ball State and its preparation for Florida:

BBD: What were your overall feelings after reviewing film of the Ball State game?

"I think we were much better in the run game. It all started there. We got off the ball better and we executed our assignments. One of the biggest things we saw was we had people on the ground, we had a lot of knockdowns. It was great to see receivers getting cut blocks and linemen getting cut blocks (Antonio Hall had a career-high 10 knock-downs), people carrying out fakes, doing their assignments. We didn't have nearly as many mental mistakes as we did in the first game. We were also better in (fewer) dropped balls and turnovers, things that are critical to us. When we do a quality control on ourselves, it was a pretty big improvement in all of those areas."

Shane Boyd (7) passed his first test as the Cats' starting QB.

BBD: What did you think of Shane Boyd's performance in his first starting assignment?

"It was good. He did the things we asked him to do. We simplified things for him to help him feel more comfortable, and he did a nice job... My main concern was how he was going to handle himself. I told him he better not buckle because we're going to come out throwing the ball. He didn't have his feet under him for the first three, but I told him 'You've got to work your way through it. You don't have any other way out of this. You're going in, and you're going to get it done.' Once he got over the excitement, he did a good job.

"He didn't have to bounce around a whole lot due to the blocking. We were solid up front. The one time I remember him moving out of the pocket, he did a good job of knowing where to go with the ball."

BBD: How did he handle the excitement and pressure of his first start?

"He reacted the same way as when we told him he'd be the backup. He said, 'Coach, I'll do the same thing whether I'm the starter or the backup. I'll be ready.' He took it all in stride. His emotional levels are on an even keel all the time. His maturity, I just really like the way he handles himself... He has a lot of confidence in himself."

BBD: Coach Morriss says you'll be adding to the offensive package as Boyd gets more experience. At what pace will that be done?

"What we're trying to do is make it the easiest for him and the rest of the team. What everybody has to understand is it's a growing process right now. You can't swamp that kid. We can't throw everything we have at him right now, or else he'll be really confused. We're just going to keep it simple and add a few things here and there each week as he shows he can handle it.

"With both him and Jared (Lorenzen), we let them pick out stuff that they're most comfortable with in the package. We don't ever want somebody trying to do something they're not comfortable with."

BBD: You got Martez Johnson involved with the offense against Ball State. What can he bring to the table?

"Martez got the edge a couple of times on the corners. He got a couple of big gains for us. He's an explosive player who can do some things for us running or catching the ball. But it's tough to play three guys. Right now, that's the one position we're extremely solid at. There's a lot of competition for who's going to get the reps, and Martez has to keep pushing himself to be in the mix."

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