Coach's Corner with Brent Pease

The Cats' offensive coordinator discusses last week's performance against Florida and preparation for Saturday's matchup with Ole Miss...

LEXINGTON, Ky. --- This edition of "Coach's Corner" features the thoughts of offensive coordinator Brent Pease on his unit's performance against Florida and its preparation for Ole Miss:

BBD: How did you feel about the Florida game after having a chance to review film?

"We moved the ball well, for the most part, and the kids made some nice plays. But when we had to make a couple of plays to keep things going, we couldn't get it done. We have to be better on third down. In most of those cases, we got into a bad situation with third and long because we weren't productive on first or second down, but we didn't exectue on the short ones either. One-for-14 pretty much tells the story. You're not doing much of anything right in those situations. The thing is we've got to put in some packages that are more consise, things that we're doing a better job of executing, especially when we cross the 50."

Martez Johnson (28) had a 26-yard run against Florida, the largest gain of his career, and 49 yards on the day.

BBD: That game produced a lot of frustration on the players' end, Derek Smith's comments, for example. Was being able to talk about some of that a healthy thing?

"As coaches, we were frustrated just like the players because we felt like we were genuinely that close to making those plays. I think it's been like that to some extent all the way back to the Louisville game. I think maybe from Derek speaking out we realized as coaches we may have been putting too much on them and had our expectations too high for what they could do this early in the season with a new system."

BBD: How does the loss of Chad Scott affect your gameplan?

"Without Chad, a few things that we do specifically to get him the ball will change a little bit. But the thing that we've been very fortunate at to this point is that Tose (Pinner) and Tez (Johnson) have shown us the ability to do the same thing. We might not be able to do as much spread where we get Chad out in the slot, but the run package and our pass plays out of the backfield will be the same.

"Tez has been very consistent. He broke a couple of big plays against Florida, and if he keeps growing from what he's done, he can give us a lot. We feel like he can give us some of the same things Chad did in terms of big-play capability."

BBD: What have you seen from Ole Miss on film, and do you think some of the 'close but not quite' plays you've had will start to come together?

"Well, some of those close plays you're talking about, they do a real good job of covering up. They have guys who really run around and get to the ball. Their defensive scheme is hard to predict because they're never in the same spots. It's kind of an up-and-down pressure package that we're going to have to adjust to. They do play a front (3-4) that we can run the ball against, so we'll have to be effective there and sound in our pickup of protection if we want to have a chance to win.

"Their DBs are pretty impressive. The quickness that they make their reads and break on the ball really impress me. (Free safety) Synicker Taylor is a great player. Their backers run well and make plays. Up front, they're not quite like we saw from Florida last week, but you don't see a lot of assignment busts from them."

BBD: Ole Miss will be coming in off a pretty long layoff, their first game in three weeks. Is there any pros or cons to that from your perspective?

"I think we can take advantage in maybe the fact that they haven't seen some things in so long. It's going to be an adjustment that they have to make on the run. On the other side of that, they have three games to scout us on. They've seen a lot of what they have to prepare for and what we've done. So we're going to have to make quick adjustments, too, because they might present something that we haven't seen. They've had a lot of time to put new wrinkles in... Knowing coach (Don) Lindsey and his background, he'll have a new look for us, something we haven't seen on film."

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