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Share your favorite recipes and TALEgate stories by November 15th and be included in the first-ever cookbook honoring TALEgaters from all over Kentucky!


October 20, 2003

TALEgateRecipes, Stories, Photos Sought

     LEXINGTON, KY -- Do you remember the first time you ever TALEgated? Your favorite TALEgate food? Your favorite stadium or field where you TALEgated? The coldest or hottest TALEgate weather? The best game you ever saw? The farthest you ever drove to a game to TALEgate? The most people you ever had in your TALEgate party? What was your most memorable TALEgate story?
     Share your favorite TALEgate recipes, photos and stories by November 15, 2003 and be included in the "first-ever" cookbook honoring TALEgaters from all over Kentucky! Write down your favorite stories and recipes and the college and high school teams you follow; pull out your favorite photos and send them to Kentucky TALEgating, Stories with Sauce; 2571 Millbrook Drive, Lexington, Kentucky 40503; or email Call to receive a Kentucky TALEgating brochure in the mail.
     If you send all your favorites in by November 15, you will also be among those stories, recipes and photos considered for the honor of "Best TALEgater in Kentucky" award. For more information, call Jayna Oakley at 859-277-3732 or Kelli Oakley at 859-223-2614.
     Don't wait, be part of Kentucky TALEgating today!

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