Coach's Corner with Brent Pease - Oct. 5

The UK offensive coordinator discusses the Ole Miss game and preparation for South Carolina...

LEXINGTON, Ky. --- This edition of "Coach's Corner" features the thoughts of offensive coordinator Brent Pease on his unit's performance against Ole Miss and its preparation for South Carolina:

BBD: How did your quarterbacks grade out last week? They seemed to play fairly well, but were hurt at times by some inopportune drops.

"We had a lot of drops. You're going to have some of those, but you don't expect that many. There were some key passes that kind of changed the momentum of the game. It got us out of the rhythm of how we were executing things and keeping the chains moving. That's what happened. Shane (Boyd) lost a little bit of his focus and never could get in a rhythm. Jared (Lorenzen) came in gave us a spark, led us to a couple of scoring drives. Both of them can play better."

UK tailback Artose Pinner (20) goes over the top against Ole Miss.

BBD: How do you feel about the way your running game as progressed?

"It's really the one phase of our offense that's come into effect. Our guys have put a lot of work into it. I think we're starting to show that we can be consistent with it. Being able to do that will help both our quarterbacks, whether it's Shane or Jared, from having to make something happen with the pass every down."

BBD: How will getting Brad Pyatt back in the lineup help the offense?

"He's a kid who makes tough catches. That's exactly what we need. He goes after the ball hard and has the ability to separate from DBs. He can make a play after he catches it. That's one thing we've got to get bettter at."

BBD: Ernest Simms had a really tough game against Ole Miss. He's probably feeling a bit down this past week. How do you keep him positive and knowing he's an important part of the offense.?

"He's got to stay focused. As a player, it's your responsibility to pick yourself up and get back in there. We need him. He knows we still believe in him. He's going to keep getting reps and play a lot Saturday."

BBD: What do you expect to see from the South Carolina defense?

"They like to load up the box with kind of the same philosophy and scheme that our defense does. We're going to see a lot of eight-man front looks. They do a really good job of dropping into zones. They like to cover underneath, try to take that away, and force you to throw the deep ball. They give you those lanes. But the tricky thing there is that they're trying to get to your quarterback before you can go to the deep lanes. We're going to have to challenge it."

"What we've got to do is, No. 1, try to establish the run again and be consistent in the running game like we were last week. With the number of guys the like to put in the box, it will probably be a case of needing to spread them out and try to run the ball out of those sets."

"When we throw it, we've got to be very patient. We've got to be very careful to pick the right spots. They're a very opportunistic defense. You look at them and not one player really stands out. They all work as a unit."

BBD: Are they better against the run or the pass?

"I think they're very sound against both. They've got guys who get to the ball well, whether it's the run or the pass. Obviously, they've got a good player in (Kalimba) Edwards. He's very strong against the run. They've got two good safeties (Rashad Faison, Deandre Eiland) and a real good corner (Andre Goodman -- 3 INTS, 7 PBU) who you've got to be really aware of in the passing game. They play both sides of it real well. It's going to be a challenge for us."

BBD: Has the similar defensive look to the one you've faced every day in practice helped you prepare?

"Sure. We've seen a lot of what they like to do since spring. We'll be able to incorporate a lot of the looks that we see from our defense into the gameplan."

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