Coach's Corner with Brent Pease - Oct. 19

The UK offensive coordinator discusses preparation for this week's game at Georgia...

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LEXINGTON, Ky. --- In this edition of "Coach's Corner," Kentucky offensive coordinator Brent Pease talks about the Wildcats' performance last week against LSU and their preparation for Saturday's game at Georgia...

How has this week's practice gone for the team since announcing Jared Lorenzen would be back as the starting quarterback?

"Overall, the 11 guys out there are really starting to blend in. We had a good week of throwing. The assignment checks were good. I think we saw a lot of carryover from the last two drives in that (LSU) game."

In addition to the nice drives he had against LSU, what are some of the other things Jared is doing to put himself back under center?

"He's taking care of some of his personal issues, such as school --- development of himself --- both as a person and toward football. Really, Guy says he's grown up, and I think that's part of how he's handled the situation. He's been very mature, never complained. I know there was a lot of talk about him doing this and him doing that, but that's not the way he handled it. He knew the opportunity would come again, and it has. He's played himself back into being our quarterback."

"The thing I think I saw saw in the (LSU) game is he played to win a football game rather than trying to beat Shane (Boyd) out.... He wasn't afraid to make a mistake. He stayed on track, ready to make the next play... That's the way I saw it (earlier this season). I'm not saying it was that way, but that was the feeling I got (that he was trying to beat Shane out rather than playing his normal game). I feel like he's more in touch with the 10 other guys out there now. He adjusted to what the defense was doing quickly, and he went out and made plays. He got the ball to people rather than being tentative and hesitant and worrying about the guy he was competing against."

How did you handle being down on the field rather than up in your customary spot in the press box?

"I liked it. I felt like I was in touch with the kids, being able to see them. That's the part I didn't realize. Looking at it now, the kids saw a lot, and they came back to me with 'We can do this' or 'Let's do this.' They were pretty much right. There were some good suggestions on the side. I kind of felt in the flow with them a little bit more and with what they thought would be successful."

How did that help Jared when he entered the game?

"We talked before every play about what he sees and what he would do. He knows the plays because he's signaling them in. He's actually trying to execute the play before the ball is ever snapped, before Shane snaps it. Those are some things that Shane will have to do this week."

Can you talk about Aaron Boone becoming more involved with the offense?

"He played more (against LSU). He's definitely stepped forward. He's a guy that I know we have to get the ball in his hands. He's not great at every route, and he can get better, but some routes he's really good at, and we need to get him the ball in those situations and the right places on the field."

What have you seen of Georgia on film:

"The run some 4-3. They have a lot of team speed, and they really rally to the ball. And they've got some good players. (Charles) Grant's a great player... But it's a long way from being a one-man show. They have 11 players running to the ball almost every play."

"They're so quick up front, and they're just rushing four guys. We'll have some double-teams. They try to keep you in the pocket and make plays off the edges. We've got to do a good job on those guys."

How much different will the playbook/gameplan be for Jared as opposed to what you might put in for Shane?

"Not really. Shane has so much ability to run. Jared has the ability, but isn't all that comfortable with it. You'll see the same things, maybe a little bit more passing-wise because I think Jared can handle a little bit more."

What is Chad Scott's status for Saturday?

"What he can give us will be a plus. I think it will probably be a game-time decision... The trainer said Chad is as good as he feels, so it's all based on what we see in practice and what he tells us.  If he gets in and has a hot hand, does a good job, he'll probably get a lot of reps. But Tose (Pinner) has done a great job. He's very solid. We're very fortunate to have all three of those guys (Scott, Pinner, Martez Johnson)."

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