UK's ban of Big Blue Nation founder

UK's ban of Big Blue Nation founder will have no effect on company

The University of Kentucky's banning last week of Brian Poe from involvement with its athletic program will have no effect on Big Blue Nation (BBN), the sports media company that Poe founded in 2002; this according to Greg Kite, CEO of Nation Management Co., which now owns and operates BBN. Poe was banned by UK for violating NCAA recruiting rules.

"This is really a non-issue," Kite says. "It has nothing to do with Big Blue Nation. Mr. Poe is no longer associated with this company. We have an excellent relationship with UK. We're fully credentialed by its athletic department. We provide multi-media coverage of all its outstanding athletic programs, and will continue to do so with great enthusiasm."

Big Blue Nation provides coverage of high school, collegiate, and professional sports throughout Kentucky via a weekly program on WKYT-TV (Saturdays at 11:30 a.m.), a monthly magazine (Big Blue Nation), and a Web site (

"We're going to increase the size of our TV audience later this year by launching a new show in the western part of the state," Kite says. "We're also planning to expand our coverage of sports into Ohio. But the most exciting thing we'll be doing is launching a nationwide media product focused on the fastest-growing sport in America, cheerleading. And what better place to launch it than Kentucky, which is the cheerleading capitol of the world?"

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