Cats Down to 5 Lives: UK Pulls Out Another One

Take a look at Tubby's hair. Was he that grey at the start of the season? Was I this grey at the start of the season?

Once again, the Cats found a way to pull out a close one. This time it was the other team who blew a decent sized lead allowing the Cats to snatch one they should have lost.

One reason UK stayed around was foul trouble. Once again, it was the other guys taking a page out UK's MO.

UF put the Cats at the line, stopping the clock, and allowed UK back in it.

For a change, Hayes and Daniels logged major minutes without picking up the dreaded third foul. Several of the blown leads have been helped by these two players missing major portions of the game while sitting with foul trouble.

Instead of untimely turnovers by UK, it was UF looking like they had never seen a press before. UK went from timid to tenacious in the blink of an eye.

UK missed several opportunities in the last 5 minutes, but still came away with the win. Is it better to be good than lucky? UK flirts with both most of the time.

I may start to tune in with about 5 minutes to go. I could get some chores done with all the time I will save. I know how they will get there.

It is the ending that you can't predict.

Lexington area cardiologists are reporting record business for the months of December and January. The way it has gone thus far, I will invest some money in the makers of Pepto Bismol.

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