A Look into the Class of 2004: Tight Ends

Since the days of Hal Mumme, tight ends at the University of Kentucky have been one of the most important positions on the football field. Going into last year's recruiting season, no position was more important or needed than the tight end slot.

After losing out on David Kenner, Kentucky settled for Georgia prospect Eric Scott and JUCO tight end Kurt Jackson for immediate help.

It never came.

So the coaching staff was not about to settle for anything less then an immediate starter at Tight End.

They found one in Jamir Davis.

Davis, from City College of San Francisco, is one of the most gifted athletes ever to play at Kentucky. He has the hands and speed of a receiver, but the size of a linebacker (at 6'3 250).

"Jamir can run, is tough, and brings a good work ethic," Coach George Rush said. "He's a versatile tight end and just played outstanding in the one game he had to play tackle. And, Jamir is as good a person as he is a football player."

"Jamir has great hands and athleticism. On one play, we threw a bomb and he made a leaping, one-handed catch, over two defensive backs, while keeping his feet inbounds. He's also the best blocking tight end we've ever had here."

Davis is expected to take over starting duties at Tight End, next season.

Analysis: Jamir Davis was perhaps Kentucky's most underrated signees out of the JUCO class. Davis is a bit of an unknown because of the run oriented offense that San Francisco ran, but his stats show he has made the most of his catches; averaging 28.1 yds a catch and 23.7 his freshmen and sophomore years. His arrival greatly improves the offense and should take some pressure off Shane Boyd next season.

A Look Ahead: The Cats are going to need to use the tight end more next season if they want to open up an effective running game. The tight end is such a key asset and in Davis, the Cats have a guy who can catch, run, and block.

His arrival means the Cats can wait on Eric Scott and rest Kurt Jackson's back. It also means that Jeremiah Drobney will not need to play as many reps, and with the positive depth, can get more effective play from many individuals. Overall, the staff should feel a lot more comfortable about this position, than they were last season.

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