Tubby's Mid Season Grade Card

This is a breakdown and grading of the job Tubby Smith has done so far this season. How would you rate his overall job?

Recruiting. F (A+). F For FANTASTIC. What a haul. We so far have commitments from a top 10 candidate in Joe Crawford, a top 20 candidate in Rajon Rondo, a top 50 candidate in Ramel Bradley, and a top 100 candidate in Adam Williams. Throw in the top transfer available in Patrick Sparks and you have a top 5 class (even without Sparks). We are also still recruiting two post players, Randolph Morris and Juan Diego "Tello" Palacios.

Offensive Execution. B-. While the offense has had its moments, most of the year we have struggled to find a consistent approach to the game and who the go-to scorer will be. Give Tubby credit to find ways to win, but consistency will be the key to the remainder of the season.

Defensive Execution. A. Again, THE trademark of an Orlando Tubby Smith team is to play pressure defense and this group is doing that. While the defense has had SOME lapses, it has kept us in each and recently brought us back from 11 down at Florida. The intensity and execution MUST continue if the offense doesn't improve for UK to challenge at all for the National Title.

Substitutions. B-. While I might understand some of the substitution patterns that Tubby was doing in the out-of-conference portion of the schedule, it is clear that we are about 8 deep at best. The "hockey-style" substitutions (5 for 5 or mass subs) have stopped, according to Tubby. He is back to situational substitutions, but the subs must step up also to help in the post-season run.

Play Calling. A-. While we may have been fortunate at Mississippi State, it was the right call to go at the hole. Very few times after timeouts, have we not scored. Meaning we stopped a teams momentum and then scored to stop their run and start ours. Sometimes in games we have not executed the game to what Tubby wanted (Georgia and Vandy in Nashville in the last 6 minutes).

Development. C. A few bright spots here, but the big men have been available at best so far. Sheray has not seen time in a game in a long time. Bobby got a few minutes at Notre Dame, but for the most part hasn't played. They need to improve the work in practice as Kelenna did last season and hopefully they will be ready for the run or next year.

Overall, B+. While we are about where we were last year in terms of records, we are not executing like we did last year. I am not comparing, just giving a bench mark to go by. Tubby is one of the best at post-season play. There is no reason to doubt Tubby right now.

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