Let the Fun Begin

As was noted by this writer a few weeks ago, if UK shaped up, they would be in good shape. Well, by all intents and purposes they have. They have come out and throttled Arkansas, beaten a very good (albeit young) LSU team in the bayou, and thrashed the Gamecocks last evening.

The 6:00AM practices have certainly raised the attention levels of certain players. Cliff's play has certainly improved. I have been all over him all year to be more consistent, and lo and behold, he does. Bobby Perry and Sheray Thomas have escalated their game to be the 7th and 8th men off of the bench.

Erik and Chuck continue to impress. AND while their numbers may not be enough to warrant SEC 1st team consideration, if people see the whole package, they would consider them. Gerald has rebounded from his injury and is actually shooting better now. Injuries have a way of making you think about all aspects of your game. Now he has to really work on the shot, and he delivered in a big way against South Carolina.

Kentucky is now poised in the #3 spot in the RPI. There is almost no way to fall out of the top 4 even with one loss. If they can win the SEC tournament next week in Atlanta, a #1 seed is likely. Pitt or Connecticut will have a loss dropping them out. So it will probably come down to Kentucky and Mississippi State. Which is what it should be. The two best teams battling it out on a neutral floor.

Coach Smith has the players VERY focused. "We were ready for this one. We knew this was their Senior Night and they'd be fired up," Hawkins said. "We were mentally prepared for a war, and we took it to them. The defense was solid, and we had some stretches where it seemed like we made everything. We were expecting the game to be a lot closer." It is this type of preparation they Tubby is so noted for. He is a master in March. There are not too many better at preparation in March that Tubby Smith.

It appears the Wildcats are poised for the SEC tournament and NCAA tournament.

Let the fun begin.

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