Is Kentucky in Hansbrough's Future?

This is the first in a series of articles on the players UK is recruiting or have interest in UK.

Tyler Hansbrough.

This young man has been bantered about with player such as Danny Manning, Steve Stipanovich, and Michael Doleac on their attitude for the game, their hustle, and their talent. Very few work harder during the game than Tyler. He controls his emotions. He plays as a team player first, and tries to make his team better. He does not worry about the stats, he could load up easy, but he is showing what kind of person he is. He is averaging 27 ppg this season.

Tyler is a 6'8" 230 PF from Poplar Bluff, MO, a small town in southeast Missouri. He however does play with the St. Louis Eagles AAU team which has allowed him to play against some terrific talent. Not only has he shown he can play WITH them, he can OUTPLAY them on a regular basis.

He has just about every skill you would want for ANY player, much less a power forward. Passing is exceptional. Very much like Bill Walton. He sees the lanes very well and finds the man who can make the play (if he cannot).

He can almost score at will from 8 feet in. He has a deft shooting touch from 8-16 ft.

He plays like each rebound should be his. Never quits working on the glass until the ball is secured.

It is no wonder that the elite schools are after him. His home state school Missouri is probably the leader, but Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan State, Arizona, and Florida have been mentioned with Tyler. Whoever gets him will be a stronger team, immediately.

Insiders has Tyler as the number 3 player overall in 2005. The Geeks have him at number 2.

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