Keith Brumbaugh Interested in the Cats

At 6-9 190, Keith is one of the "thinner" PF in this class, but do not let that fool you.

Keith Brumbaugh.

One of the questions that recruiters have about him is what position he is. Well, there's one school of thought that calls him a face-up four man. However, you can find plenty of recruiters who wouldn't mind playing him at the small forward slot.

Brumbaugh is equipped to handle both and probably will gradually slide into a small forward role. His jumper to 3-point range is true. He's a slick driver and the guy is wired to score.

He is just as comfortable at the small forward. He can hit the three consistently, but his team needs him in the paint so he works there.

And he's a jumper too. Brumbaugh is a varsity volleyball player at Deland High. We've never seen him on the volleyball court but let's operate on the assumption that he's probably pretty good.

Last year, he was a second-team all-state performer in Florida. He'll graduate to the first-team this year for sure. The 2005 forward has distinguished himself as one of the most versatile players in the class.

He does have some off-the-court issues. He has been ineligible for some games for academic problems. He also is sometimes volatile on the court. He has had numerous technical fouls called against him for losing his temper. The right coach can correct this.

Keith is rated the number 5 recruit by Insiders, The geeks have him at number 8.

Keith is interested in Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Kentucky, Georgia, and Indiana and the schools are very interested in him.

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