Collegiate Baseball: The Way it Was

The strike of 1994. <p> It was not the end of baseball, but in time, might develop into the beginning of the end for the Major Leagues.

Even today, the looming effects continue to tarnish a once cherished image of a once cherished sport.

Today we see that image continue to be slaughtered and slained by those that put themselves in front of the tradition and history that made it great.

What once was simple greed has turned into simple suicide; both for the game and the reputation of its players.

Thus, the game we had adored so much, has produced two sides. On one, a threatening union over steroids; it's testing, it's place in the sport, and why we should care. On the other, a commissioner whom has lost control of an industry that seemingly could never fail.

In the middle: the beloved fans of the sport. Each with their own gripes and disappointments.

In San Diego on Sunday, the fans made a statement.

40,106 fans witnessed the first game at the San Diego Padres' new 42,000-seat Petco Park. Only it wasn't to see their beloved Major Leaguers take the field.

It was San Diego State.

A collegiate baseball record crowd witnessed Gwynn and his San Diego State team defeat Houston, setting a new standard for college baseball fans across the country, but also helping to raise the question: Have Pro Baseball fans had enough?

College Baseball doesn't try to be something it is not. You won't see bulked up players hitting 400 foot home runs or one-sided teams stacked with the most talent. What you are garunteed to see is Baseball: the way it should be played.

Runners steal bases. Hitters can bunt. Pitchers can field. Strategy is always being displayed and coaches can win or lose games with their minds.

It's the game we fell in love with. It's the game you played as a kid. It's the game that you can see at a price that could make your grandfather proud.

It's baseball.

At a time when professional baseball continues to be marred in controversy, why not support those that still believe its got its best days ahead?

Take your kid to a college baseball game and show them the game that it was. The game it should be. And the game that it can still be.

Cohen and the Cats next home game is against Marshall on March 24th. Make your voice heard. Come out and support College Baseball.

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