Big 6-7 Point Guard Likes Kentucky

Tubby is really hitting the recruiting trail hard for next year.

J.P. Prince

Being a 6-7 point guard is a good thing, ask Shaun Livingston, 2004's top-rated guard. The Class of 2005 has a 6-7 point guard of its own and his name is J.P. Prince.

Memphis (TN) White Station has had its share of outstanding prospects in recent years. The most recent Division I signee, Dane Bradshaw, is a freshman at Tennessee this year.

Unlike many of his peers, Prince passes on most AAU settings. "I don't really play AAU," Prince said. "I stopped playing for three years. My team broke apart and we haven't really been playing. My big concern is my school team. AAU just hasn't really been part of my basketball."

But playing the point, even at 6-7, has been a big part of basketball for him.

"I've been playing [PG] my whole life. It's nothing new for me. It's just something new for those that see me. In Memphis, everyone will tell you that J.P. plays the point guard. I can guard all they way to the four spot."

He's not another Shaun Livingston at 6-7, but he can play. Prince is a fine passer and a good teammate. He's unselfish and goes hard. And, colleges are starting to notice him.

Many schools are looking at J.P. During the September period, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and Memphis were in to watch him; Louisville saw him during the season. Memphis coach John Calipari's daughter goes to White Station, so the Tigers coach knows him well. In addition to the aforementioned schools, Prince likes Kentucky, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

The Geeks' have J.P. at the 59 spot in their rankings.

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