Kentucky looking at Strongman Cornley

Small forward plays with reckless abandon while averaging 29 points and 16 rebounds a game.

Jamelle Cornley

Jamelle is a 6'5" 230# SF from Columbus, OH (Brookhaven HS) who is as strong as anyone in this class. Just look at a picture of him and you can see that. He is STRONG in the paint and even though shorter than most of the post players he plays against, he is not shy about taking it to them.

Jamelle plays the game with the same intensity and attitude that is not normally seen in talented players. Most of the players ride their talent until it is really needed to do more. Jamelle is not that way. He's a real, tough strong player. He's real relentless when it comes to board. He is real strong.

Last July at Nike Camp, Cornley's hand was badly injured. He played anyway. "It was just about broken. I had worked so hard during the summer that I just went ahead and played."

Cornley is playing his junior season with the same reckless abandon he showed last summer. He's putting up 29 points and 16 rebounds a contest. Colleges are taking notice, though some will be turned off by his size. Others will value him for who he is: a worker inside and relentless on the glass.

"Probably the leader would be Michigan," Cornley said. "I talked to Coach Amaker and he's understanding. He told me up front what he's looking for. From the last couple of years he's turned the program around. Knowing his team wasn't going to the tournament, he still had them playing hard."

And playing hard is what Jamelle Cornley is all about, and that is why a number of schools including Dayton, Kentucky, Ball State, Toledo, Bowling Green, Miami (OH), Ohio State and Pittsburgh are interested in his services.

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