Cats Hot After Number One Player

To say he has talent oozing from his pores would be an understatement. Dominating presence would be an understatement. Doing everything better than everyone else is an understatement also.

Tasmin Mitchell

Tasmin is the most talented, most gifted and most desirable recruit in the 2005 class. Tasmin is a 6' 7 1/2" 230 PF from Denham Springs, LA.

He produces on the court. Kind of between positions, wise but you can't argue with the results. MVP of ABCD underclass game is a horse. He is a very consistent scorer and rebounder. He has a very nice shot out to 17 feet. But if he gets with 6 feet of the hole, forget about it. He is probably the best finisher in this class.

Tasmin also rebounds as well as anyone in this class also. Very strong and very mobile he can get to them also with ease. He is also very good at defending the lane.

To go with this talent is a very approachable young man. He is a very nice young man with a great personality. The kind you want your kids to be friends with. That is a great compliment.

Tasmin's godfather, Butch Pierre, is the assistant coach for the LSU Tigers. To say that they have an edge is sort of true. However, Tasmin recently has given high marks to Tubby Smith and the UK Wildcat staff, specifically Reggie Hanson.

It will come down to UK or LSU. Whoever gets him is lucky.

Tasmin is the #1 ranked player by Insiders. The GEEKS have him at #2.

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