Spring Practice #1 in Review: The Backfield

As Rich Brooks stated in his pre-spring press conference yesterday, the quarterback job is Shane Boyd's to lose.

After the first practice of the spring, that sentiment is still felt, as the entire group of quarterbacks struggled mightily on a cold and windy final day in March.

Quarterbacks Shane Boyd played as expected for a first day; throwing behind and over recievers all day. Disappointingly, he was having most of his difficulties reading respective defenses thrown at him by Archer and McBride. On the bright side, his throwing motion has shown no signs of being effected by baseball and while his accuracy is a little raw, his spirals and release look as good as you could ask for.

Andre Woodson performed as expected. At first glance, he looks every bit the part of a franchise quarterback, standing tall with broad shoulders and an extremely athletic build. Woodson continues to throw an exceptional ball that could stay dry through a car wash. He has an excellent release and form, but still has trouble reading defenses at times. Overall you can see that Andre is still very much ahead of schedule and should make for a fantastic quarterback in the future.

Brandon Landry showed his skills throwing the football. Although small in stature, Landry showed off his outstanding arm, illustrating his cannon several times throughout the day, by hitting wide recievers in stride with the deep ball. His lone problem is the out-route, where he seldom completed a pass or came close too. His accuracy, at this point in time, appears to not be at the level that Hudson and the staff would want it to be. Regardless, Landry could make for an excellent candidate for some trick plays.

Running Backs Arliss Beach and Alexis Bwenge looked very much improved, both in stature and in speed. Beach looked a shade faster and again improved on his upper body strength from a year ago. Bwenge is a hoss, looking every bit of his listed weight of 230 pounds.

Draak Davis looks to have worked very hard in the weight room. He did not break any long runs, but still showed a burst of speed that our current running backs do not have.

Ronald Johnson looks like he has added a lot of weight. He is currently listed ahead of Alexis Bwenge on the depth chart. After seeing him in practice, you can see why he is. He has really improved on so many areas.

Justin Sprowles took a heavy hit from Derek Tatum in one particular drill that got the offense heated on one particular occasion. Sprowles looks light years ahead of fourth string fullback Joey Razzano. Razzano continues to be a disappointment for the Cats. He looked very unmotivated in practice today and doesn't seem to be doing anything right on the field.

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