Practice #1 in Review: Linemen

The group that needs to utilize spring practice more than any, is the offensive linemen.

Wednesday's practice was a good indication of why.

Without the services of Matt Huff and Ernie Pelayo, who are sidelined with injuries, the offensive line was abused by the experienced and improved defensive linemen.

Although they might have not been very good as a group, there were plenty of individual performances that were noteworthy.

Patrick Daly did very good in the one-on-one drills, holding Sweet Pea and Ellery Moore on multiple occasions. Although they were small battles, it was a nice victory for the young man, whom showed why he can play with the big boys.

Matt McCutchan is a great early story of camp so far, as he continues to show improvement at his spot. He could very well pull a starting spot for the Cats next season. He and Slaydon will most likely battle through the spring for the center spot. Jason Rollins and Cody Morehead had their moments, as well. The group as a whole had their breakdowns, but did show significant improvement from last season.

The group of defensive linemen are just fantastic. The Cats should and could go seven deep on the line, rotating each and every one respectively. Sweet Pea Burns leads the right end spot, but B. J. Parsons showed exceptional technique and speed on the end to cause havic.

Ellery Moore and Lamar Mills are once again at each other for the nose tackle position. Whatever upper hand Mills might have previously had, has been closed by Moore's strong off-season.

Mielsch is just huge. He has put on even more weight and looks like the second coming of a country at his end position. If he can keep his weight on through the summer, we could be looking at an All-SECer in the making, for at his current size and speed, their isn't anybody in the SEC that can block him.

Ricky Abren looked very good playing today. It was great to see Ricky playing again.

Overall there is a lot to be excited about on the defensive line. With our linebacking crew and the defensive line in front of them, the Cats defense is going to be tough to score points on.

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