Practice #1 in Review: Linebackers

The most impressive unit on the day was the linebacking corps.

Led by juniors Chad Anderson and Dustin Williams, the Wildcat linebacking unit was extremely impressive in showing their quickness to the ball and their tremendous knowledge of the system itself.

Anderson and Williams were stellar as usual. Williams continues to lead by example while playing hard and teaching the younger guys.

Joe Schuler was extremely impressive, showing added weight, while not losing a step in his speed. Fontaine was also extremely impressive, showing that he too can run.

Newcomer Cedric Koger looked a little bit lost trying to understand the system, but Archer kept telling him to trust his instincts and that he was talking himself out of doing good things. Extremely encouraging to hear that Koger has a feel for the position, already.

Ryan Schumm is all over the field as usual. The 6'5 walk-on seems to always be in the right place at the right time and could see time on the field because of his hardwork.

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