Oak Hill was Good for Rondo

Rajon Pronounced ray-JEAN (pronounced like French John) Rondo is a 6'1" 165 lb PG.

Rajon Rondo

Rajon is a very confident, well-mannered young man from Louisville Ky, who spent the last season playing for the great Coach Steve Smith at Oak Hill Academy in Mouth of Wilson, VA.

Rajon says Steve really worked with him on being a team player, which would improve ALL of his skills. Apparently Steve knows what he is talking about. Rajon went from the 75-85 range to the 14th ranked player by Bob Gibbons, and 17 by the GEEKS.

He had one of the best seasons in Oak Hill history. That is saying something since their history reads like a who's who of college stars. Rajon now holds all assist records.

Rajon COMPLETELY dismisses ANY talk of changing his mind about his commitment to UK. All internet rumors of him going elsewhere are COMPLETELY FALSE.

Rajon's biggest presence in his life is his mother Amber and Coach Smith. He chose UK because it is close to his home, and that Tubby Smith is the coach of the Wildcats. He loves their style of play and that they are always one of the favorites for the National Championship.

Rajon feels his biggest strength is that he handles the ball better than anyone he has played against. He says he is going to bring a great finisher, a better 3-point shooter, and passer than what we have seen at the point in some time.

Rajon is also aware that he needs to improve on things as well. He says he is going to work with Cliff Hawkins this summer on defensive positioning, playing the passing lanes, and learning the rotations.

Rajon's favorite food is the Sara Lee Dutch Apple Pie. A kid after my own heart. He loves to talk on the phone and shop when he is not on the court.

Kentucky fans are going to be absolutely ecstatic when Rajon hits the Rupp Arena floor this fall. Welcome to UK Rajon, we are glad you are here.

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