Sky is the Limit for Defensive Line

Mike Archer's defense was outstanding for the third straight day as the Wildcats front three dominated the offensive line in a wide variety of drills Monday. <p> *Includes today's photo gallery.

Staring for the defense was Ricky Abren, whom for the second straight year looked unblockable in the one-on-one drills against Kentucky's offensive line. He outplayed Ellery Moore and Lamar Mills on the inside and outside, and looks to have not lost a step after taking the year off because of medical reasons.

Even more encouraging Monday in addition to Abren's play at nose tackle, was the good play of Ellery Moore on the outside.

Archer and defensive line coach Michael Gray has tried to shuffle guys in and out of different spots.

As it is right now, Lamar Mills and Ellery Moore are neck and neck at nose tackle after the first week of practice. Moore might have the edge because he is a senior, but Mills has done nothing to lose his spot.

At the end position, BJay Parsons has looked good, but will most likely be slated for second string; brought in as a situational defensive end. He has got a lot of speed, but his size is suspect at this point. He is going to have to use that speed to make up for his lack of size and as of now, has done that with good success. How he handles better offensive lines in the Southeastern Conference is something to look for next year.

Mielsch is a solid starter at one spot, as is Sweet Pea Burns at the other. Travis Day, whom sat out practice with an ankle injury, will be a solid sub, as will Ricky Abren and Parsons.

Overall, it is not only a deep line but a very solid group that compliments each other very nicely.

Monday, once again, showed that the sky is the limit for Kentucky's defensive front line.

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