Life After Abney

Kentucky's All-American and record setting wide receiver/punt returner/kick returner was at practice on Monday. <p> *Includes today's photo gallery.

Unfortunately for Kentucky football fans, he wasn't wearing pads.

Kentucky started its search for a replacement for the All-American Derek Abney, Monday, when a host of players returned kickoffs at practice.

John Logan, Keenan Burton, Draak Davis, and Tommy Cook have all been given a chance to take the spot. They showed off their skills with mild success.

John Logan ran with great speed through the holes and managed to return kicks with relative ease for the Cats. He seems like a perfect fit with his speed and background. Logan was extremely effective in high school returning kicks.

Burton also showed Monday that he would be a great asset to the return game, finding holes and showing great speed.

Davis did some returning last year and has some experience. However, he gives up a lot trying to block bigger players and is not able to take up as much space if he has to block.

Cook would also be a very good choice to return kicks. He is an exceptional blocking receiver and has some speed in the open field. He also has the best hands of the recievers not named Tamme or Burton.

Regardless, the Cats have got a ways to go before announcing the starter, but the options at this point are plentiful and shouldn't present that much of a dropoff at the position.

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