Practice Report - Wednesday (4/14)

Here's what is going on at Spring Practice. Enjoy! Only here on Inside Kentucky.

-First thing that should be noted is the impressive day the offensive line FIRST unit had today. They really performed very admirably today and showed exceptional improvement in the drills that I watched, particularly the infamous one-on-one drills where the defensive ends/tackles have just murdered them this spring. That was not necessarily the case, today. I thought they did an exceptional job of working on their techniques.

-B. Jay Parsons performed pretty well today. I thought he looked very possessed today in the one-on-one drills as well as the d-line drills. He looks to be really working hard trying to move up the depth charts.

-Dallas Greer had a monster take down on the 9-on-9's. He literally threw Alexis Bwenge to the floor when Alexis tried to block him. Dallas is still running first team and his intelligence has not let him down once.

-Dominic Lewis really looks good running the football. He's so much taller than the other backs that it almost looks weird when he runs, but he is an impressive specimen when he runs through those holes. The staff keeps switching him at tight end and running back, and as one observer noted, that's good news, because that means the staff really wants him to see the field, next year.

-Draak Davis looked good running today. I think he really has improved. Let's hope that it transfers into the game.

-Eric Scott is the second string tight end. That experiment at guard has come and gone. He is just too valuable right now at the tight end spot.

-Jamir Davis is a fabulous blocking tight end, but is running third string, that's more because Jeremiah Drobney has been a man possessed this year. Drobney has turned into a blockade out there as far as blocking technique. He cannot be stopped on the reach blocks and continues to dominate. He has improved so much.

-Matt McCutchan is the team's better blockers. He really is a player.

-Boyd looked good, but he was going through the motions today. The receivers and the quarterback continue to become a unit.

-Glenn Holt looked to be hobbling around, as did Keenan Burton. Holt had a hamstring pull and Burton looked to have tweaked his hamstring as well. Both were still playing on them. Holt had some ice wrap on his.

-Beach sat out practice.

-Hopewell was MIA and so was J-Bob (Jason Rollins). No word yet on those gentlemen.

-Dane Holland has been MIA for a while as well.

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