Scrimmage - Saturday (4/17)

The Cats looked much better in today's scrimmage than last Saturday's scrimmage.

The Cats scrimmaged today for about an hour and a half. The number one offense started out against the number one defense. As expected the O started out a little slow but did start to pick up a rhythm. They then went against the number two D.

The number two and three offense then worked against all the defenses for about 45 minutes before giving way to the number one O against the number one D to end out the scrimmage.

The coaches put the nuber ones up against each other seven times with the offense scoring twice and the defense holding the offense to four 3 and outs. The other series the offense moved the ball but didn't get a score.

Shane had his moments. He made three real good reads where he found TE Eric Scott in the middle for some big gainers. Tommy Cook, Keenan Burton and Jacob Tamme looked good catching the ball today.

Scott Mitchell also had a couple of good catches in traffic. Logan and Holt sat out with hamstring injuries, Holt's being the more serious, Logan's was just sore. Woodson looked much better today than in last weeks scrimmage. Both he and Shane had some good runs today, both scrambling and called QB keepers.

Beach was still out with his ankle sprain but should be ready to go on Monday. Johnny Knight got a knee sprain. Jeremiah Drobney caught the virus that has been going around and missed practice.

The defense made some vicious hits today. One in particular was Sweet Pea and Ellery against Alexis Bwenge on a sweep play. It sounded like a train wreck!

Earven Flowers sprained an ankle today. Flowers had a pick before he hurt the ankle. Karl Booker almost had his third pick of the spring but Jacob Tamme broke it up. Booker has really picked up the CB position after being moved over from WR. Draak Davis had a hip pointer near the start of the scrimmage and didn't return, he should be fine.

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