Practice Report - Monday (4/19)

Cats had a very light practice today. They were in helmets and shorts.

Brooks was not present, because he was at a funeral.

Cats started in punt returns, then ran through the motions having the receivers go through routes. Shane and Andre looked real rusty and did not throw the ball very well at all. A lot of passes were behind receivers and some went straight into the dirt. You can tell the kids are antsy to get spring practice concluded.

Cats then went on to group drills and followed that up by having a little 7 on 7. Shane threw a lot better, picking apart the number one defense pretty well. The receivers did have some problems making some plays and hanging onto the football.

The field goal unit was than worked on. The kickers kicked the ball pretty well. Tommy Cook was holding for the kickers and seemed to do pretty well with that.

The quarterbacks worked on reads, etc. with Coach Hudson while the kickers were kicking. Hudson was extremely pissed off today. He was not happy with some particular individuals. I think all together it was such a slow day at the practice field that it translated to the coaches as well. From Coach Brown to Coach Hudson, everyone seemed to not be in the best of spirits today.

11 on 11 then concluded the practice. The defense got the better of the offense, as the offensive line struggled to give Shane and Andre some time to throw. Shane did make some nice adjustments at the line, however, as Archer was trying to confuse him. They worked in a lot of bubble screens and option plays, where Shane adjusted at the line and called the right audible.

The practice then concluded. Don't read much into what was said today. Every team has their good and bad days. This was more or less, just a slow day. The Football team has the Catspys tonight and I know they are looking forward to that, tonight.

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