Practice Report - Friday (4/23)

Probably one of the most memorable practices of the year, IMO.

Shane Boyd looked literally outstanding. OUTSTANDING! He didn't miss on 7 on 7, he didn't miss in the one-on-one receiver drills. His spiral looked great, his form looked even better, and his reads were outstanding. Talk about saving your best practice for last. Even the many recruits who were watching were just impressed at how well he threw the ball today.

Woodson had a decent day throwing the ball as well. Still struggles in the 7 on 7 and 11 on 11 drills. Woodson's troubles are the offense and nothing more or less. If he can figure it out, he will be fine.

Wide Receivers were very impressive today. Outplaying the defensive backs all day. Gerad Parker made some good plays coming back to the ball, in the 11 on 11 and on the one-on-ones with the receivers. Logan had a pretty decent day catching the football. Usual stars Tommy Cook and Glenn Holt, Jr. continue to excel. I am so excited to see this unit next Fall. Burton continues to be our playmaker. He needs to get the ball as many times as possible.

Hello Eric Scott and Jamir Davis. Both looked good catching the ball today. Drobney had a drop in the goaline situation, but had some nice catches over the middle from Boyd. The tight ends are going to get their share of opportunities. Davis had three straight completions in the 7 on 7 that were very impressive.

Arliss had his best practice of the spring. He ran with a lot of force and urgency. He seems to be able to find the hole better this year. His dad was in attendance and perhaps that gave him an extra boost.

O-Line looked good in drills. They have improved so much this spring. I am very happy to report that they won more than they lost in the one-on-one drills, which is an unbelievable improvement from the first week of practice.

Defensively, Dennis Johnson keeps getting reps at the inside linebacker spot first team. He made a mistake on a goal line situation, but overall Archer continues to praise this young man. Chad Anderson and Dustin Williams were alternating in at first team. They are trying to give less reps to Dustin, since we are winding down.

Of the linebackers, I thought Keith Shelton had the best practice of the year. He made a lot of nice plays and pickups. He and Jon Sumrall will provide some nice depth at the position next year.

Cornerbacks and Defensive Linemen, not much has changed. The D-Line, obviously, is ready for tomorrow's game. They are generally not allowed to sack the quarterback and you can tell they are getting ready for some hitting tomorrow at the game.

Cornerbacks struggled today, but more so because they kept Mike Williams on the bench. Also trying to give more reps to Warren Wilson and Karl Booker. Speaking with Wilson following his first spring practice (hurt in 2003 and 2002), he seemed to be very happy with his play and thinks things with his leg are just fine. Very glad to see Wilson playing well. Him and Bo Smith.

Real nice to meet so many different parents. You can see where these kids get their great character from.

Injury Update: McCutchan sat out the end of practice, nursing some sort of hand injury. Scott Mitchell was in pads but did not practice. He is still coming back from a shoulder injury. Drobney got hurt, but came back for goaline at the end of practice.

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