Cats Have High Expectations on Season After Spring

For the majority that had the pleasure to watch the Wildcats practice or play this spring, you can't help but be a little optimistic.

"I think we showed we are a lot better then people think," Offensive Coordinator Ron Hudson said. "We've got some players in place that can play."

The improvement of the offensive line and the added confidence in Shane Boyd can only help a squad that had trouble facing unattainable pre-season goals, last season.

"I don't want to talk about bowls, that's stupid," Rich Brooks said. "I want to talk about Louisville."

"Now, if we get to a point where we start winning some games, then we can start talking about bowls."

The argument on whether or not this team is capable of being dangerous is a very debated topic among the Big Blue faithful. With a tremendous defense that should be very hard to score points on and an offensive unit that features several playmakers at the wide receiver position, who's to say this team cannot be dangerous?

"I don't just want to go to a bowl," sophomore wide receiver Keenan Burton said. "I want to go to a good bowl. I want a BCS bowl."

"I'm not out there for the glory," Burton said. "I want to do everything I can to help the team."

"This team is a lot more confident, cause we are like brothers," junior wide receiver Glenn Holt said. "We're not for ourselves, we are for the team."

And it will be Burton and Holt's group of playmakers that will most likely determine the fate of the season.

"We've got a bunch of playmakers in this group," Coach Rich Brooks said. "Scott Mitchell. Jacob Tamme. John Logan. Keenan Burton. All the way down. It's a very talented bunch and it's going to get even more competitive with the arrival of a very tall, fast receiver (Lonnell DeWalt) and a taller and muscular version of Derek Abney (Richard Lyons, Jr.)."

"It's not a matter of weapons, cause we have the weapons," Quarterback Shane Boyd said. "We've just got to get the ball in the right people's hands."

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