Holt Among Most Improved Players This Spring

Glenn Holt knew what he was facing this upcoming 2004 season.

Because he recruited them.

Blessed with great personal skills that helped sway notable junior college recruit Scott Mitchell to Kentucky, junior wide receiver Glenn Holt knew what he was up against if he had hoped to start at receiver next year.

"I got real strong in the off-season and added 10 pounds of muscle," Holt said following Saturday's 28-17 spring game victory. "I've increased my strength in my lower body and it's given me some more speed."

A pleasant sight for Cat fans was watching the Florida native come back for a ball thrown behind him early in the second quarter of the annual Spring Game, Saturday.

"It was thrown behind me, a little," Holt continued. "I didn't even see it until the last second and I just moved my hands back and caught it."

"I'm just seeing the ball."

It's been an almost freakish transformation for Holt, whom last year was rumored to be contemplating transferring after struggling through a very disappointing sophomore campaign.

"For Holt, he's basically reverted back to the player he was the first 4 games of the year," Coach Rich Brooks said.

"It's a very talented bunch," Brooks said. "And it's going to get even more competitive with the arrival of a very tall, fast receiver (Lonnell DeWalt) and a taller and muscular version of Derek Abney (Richard Lyons, Jr.)."

Perhaps that might make Holt work even harder.

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