Hansbrough Explodes in St. Louis

It took all of about 47 seconds to realize that Tyler Hansbrough was in for a big night at the St. Louis Eagles Invitational.

The Poplar Bluff (MO) High standout walked onto the court and quickly worked himself into a frenzy scoring on one of the most violent open court dunks this spring. From there, it was just constant attack mode for the six-foot-nine forward.

There really isn't any way to describe how intense he is on the court. That intensity served him well as he went for 33 points and eight rebounds against a Tennessee Travelers front line that featured 6-foot-eight and top 100 nationally Joey Cameron and six-foot-eight Illinois commitment David Palmer. The Travelers got the win, but it was Hansbrough who handed out spanking after spanking in the paint.

New to the Hansbrough arsenal is rolling to the wing off of picks and either draining 17 foot jump shots, or using a rocker step to attack the rim. His footwork in the paint -- where he tries to dunk EVERYTHING -- could still use some work. He has to get quicker on defense but he isn't really in bad shape.

He looks stronger than ever and intimidates opponents with his "trucker on meth" eyes and macho play in the paint. How can you not love this kid?

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