Cats in Top 2 for LaGrange Linebacker

Superstar prospect Tray Blackmon was recently named to TheInsiders South Hot 100 as the #1 Linebacker and the #3 overall prospect in his region for the class '05. With schools all across the country bidding for his signature, Tray has had a lot on his plate to think about. Who has the best shot to sign the LaGrange star now?

"My top 5 right now is Georgia, Kentucky, Auburn, Florida State and USC. I have offers from all of those schools," Tray Blackmon said.

Does any school stand out above the others right now?

"I'm leaning towards Georgia, but Kentucky is right there too. Georgia has just always been my dream school really. They are the home team and I have always seen myself playing for them just like the Atlanta Falcons. Their coaches are really involved and they get to know you as a person. It seems like a good place to get a degree also."

What does Blackmon like about the remaining teams on his list?

Kentucky: "Their coach is always around our school. He talks to me a lot and he's a real good motivator. I think I could play earlier there as well and it would be nice to go to school with Wesley (Woodyard)."

Auburn: "It's real close to home and I like Coach Nall. They have a good team already, and they just lost their two RB's as well."

Florida State: "I think I have a good chance to play early there. Their coaches say that the best player will play, and I want to take a visit there."

Southern Cal: "They have a good system with their workouts and things like that. They are a very physical team, and going to L.A. would give me a chance to get away."

What is most important to Tray when picking the school of his choice?

"Just to get a degree. That's what it's all about. I would be the first person in my family to get a college degree, and I know that would mean a lot to my mom."

For a linebacker who doesn't weigh a whole lot, the LaGrange star is as strong as they come.

"I'm in the weight room every day now just making sure everybody is working hard in there and out at practice. I've gotten my bench press up to 360lbs. I squat 550lbs, and I can power clean 320lbs also."

What Blackmon enjoys most of all on the field should not come as a surprise to anyone. He's arguably the most violent hitter in the south for '05, and he's taking no mercy from anyone.

"I love to hit the quarterback's. I like to go straight through the RB to get to them."

Does Tray have any response to the remarks made by Jerrell Mabry about going straight at him for four quarters to see if he breaks?

"All I have to say is that will either make him or break him. We'll see what happens after it's over. I'm going to be ready."

Blackmon carries a 3.5GPA and plans to major in Business or Computer Aided Drafting once he gets to college.

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