Inside Kentucky's Top Ten List

Not every sport that affiliates itself with the NCAA has the kind of popularity that football, basketball, and mud wrestling have; but they still need to be recognized. <br><br> There's tennis, baseball, track and field, and plenty more that need lovin' and I'm just the guy to do it.

10. Pin the Tail on the Donkey: Cross-bow Edition.

There's nothing like seeing blind-folded men and women firing bolts of carbonized steel into an open field. After the mishap at the University of Arizona though, they may have to put a limit on how many times the contestant has to spin around.

9. Underwater Racquet Ball.

This sport is a lot of fun, but, just make sure the enclosed court is sealed tightly before you fill it up with water. I found out first hand that UK's Johnson Center is not a good place to practice.

8. Commemorative Plate Skeet Shootings.

This sport was started for economic reasons, because clay discs are far more expensive than commemorative plates and not nearly as abundant. Especially in the SEC region.

7. Ultimate Golf.

Ultimate Golf is just like Ultimate Frisbee, but has the reputation as being one of the most dangerous sports around. Who would have thought that running around swinging a golf club would ever get anyone hurt.

6. Gauntlet Street Luge.

As if sliding down a hill on your back wasn't hard enough, they've added the excitement of traps. Just imagine Tony Hawk as Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

5. Lightening Kite Flying.

This is the only sport to have a non-rain delay. The trick is to let go of the copper kite string after lightening strikes the kite but before you get electrocuted. Timing is everything.

4. 200m Spontaneous Hurdles.

Basically. Hurdles are randomly place in underground chutes along the track and "spontaneously" launched up without warning. I suggest quick reflexes and a sturdy cup.

3. Flag Foosball.

I've got quite an imagination, but even I can't comprehend this game. It also takes for forever to set up with having to tie little flags on all of the little players. Experts say that defense is key in this game.

2. Full Contact Yoga.

It may seem cruel to cross-check someone into a wall while they're finding their inner self, however it's kill or be killed when it comes to yoga.

1. Medicine Ball Soccer.

Bring your steel toed boots with you if you want to join this team. The refs don't give warning cards in this sport, they pass out insurance cards. Just don't try to be a hero and bounce the ball off your head.

Jonathan Ray is Inside Kentucky's expert graphic designer. A former columnist for the Kentucky Kernel, Ray will provide his "Top Ten List," periodically throughout the year. You can send him your comments or suggestions at

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