"Geek" Update from Cameron

Inside Kentucky's recruiting guru was taking in game action at the Tournament of Champions in Durham, North Carolina. See what he had to say in the members board, earlier today.

Greg Oden is a man-child folks. This is guy is a Moses Malone ready to happen again. There is nothing this kid cannot do. Listed at 7'0" (he looks a tad smaller) and 220 (which he looks at tad more than 220) he has in the block moves that would out-do many NBA centers. If this kid attends college, then that school will become a final four contender immediately. The talk of course so far is that he is turning pro. And with what I saw, while it would be a shame not to see him in the college ranks. He is ready for the NBA. I do not say that very often, but Greg is ready.

Greg Paulus is going to be another JJ Redick for Coach K. While he doesnt have JJ's range, his shot is better and can create his own shot, something JJ cant do.

Josh McRoberts during the end of his season was a little off in his game. Well, it appears he has found it. Rebounds better than guys 4-5 inches taller than him, and/or 40 pounds heavier.

Kevin Durant's team is here, but he isnt. He is a player that is being sought after by MANY big time schools including UK.

I did catch Andray Blatche's game late Friday and man is he athletic. There are not many players in this class that I have seen who is as athletic as Andray. He just needs to hone his basketball skills, and he would be a top 10 player easily.

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