UK offers Ohio Mr. Football runner-up

Kentucky has been rather quiet in the Ohio front of late, but that has changed recently. According to sources at <i></i>, the University of Kentucky has extended a scholarship offer to Ohio's runner-up for Mr. Football in 2003.

According to, Chaminade Julienne high school star Javon Ringer has been offered a scholarship by Rich Brooks and his staff. The running back from Dayton (OH) is a favorite to win Mr. Football in the state of Ohio this season

"He's just a great kid," said Chaminade-Julienne head coach Jim Place. "He has very, very high goals for himself."

"He's 198 pounds, bench presses 320 pounds, 3.2 student; I think he has everything the major colleges are looking for," said Coach Place. "Give him that ball; he knows what to do with it. He is his own back."

Ringer has offers from Iowa, Akron, and Cincinnati in addition to the Wildcats. Ohio State, however, will be Kentucky's biggest competition, if they offer, as expected;

"Ever since I was little, I have always wanted to go to Ohio State. That has been my #1. I also like Michigan though – even though they are rivals. Ohio State is my #1, but I still like Michigan," Ringer told the Insiders network.

Expect Ringer to make an early decision regarding his future; "I would like to commit some time before the season, but if that does not happen," said Ringer. "I don't want it to be a long process. I want to commit as soon as possible."

And when he hits college?

"My goal is to start my freshman year. I feel I will be good enough to start my freshman year, but it is not like I am demanding that. If they say they will give me an opportunity. I want to work for it. I don't want to just have it there on a silver plate."

Ringer's stats are amazing. The state's runner-up for Mr. Football last season was outstanding throughout.

"My junior year, I had 2,356 rushing yards and a 10.8 yards per carry and 30 touchdowns. In 2002, I had 2,028 rushing yards on 198 carries. I averaged 10.6 yards per carry and 30 touchdowns."

"I have been working on my speed because I want to beat that 4.26. My balance, my acceleration, getting my strength up in my legs – I need a lot in my legs because that is what running backs need – leg power, my upper body. I have been working on my hands because I know in college some running backs get plays out of the backfield."

Ringer feels blocking is his greatest weakness;

"I am working on how to get inside because a lot of running backs really don't block that good. I want college coaches to see that I am not selfish. I am not looking out for just me, I want to look out for my quarterback and everybody else too. I have been working on when I am blocking making sure I don't hold."

Special thanks to BuckNuts for supplying the quotes for this article

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