Guru Grill - Greg Hoover

Without further "Adoo," here is the Grill the Guru answers that everyone has been waiting for. Thanks to all that participated and took part in our first ever Grill. Please come back next week for our chat with Southeast football recruiting analyst Scott Kennedy.

TerryBlue asks:
When do you think Tyler will make his annoucement on college choice?
Geek- 2 weeks after his trip to Chapel Hill.

oborocatfan asks:
do we grill you with onions? and what kind of bar b que sauce do you prefer?
Geek- Yes, and Mushrooms with Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce.

what is the latest on the mystery walk on? haven't heard anything for a few weeks.
Geek-I havent heard anything for a month. AND I REALLY don't know who the walk-on is.

TangerineCat asks:
Is Ravi Moss going to see any playing time??
Geek- Tubby would be stupid NOT to get Ravi some time.

Will Rajon Rondo start next year?
Geek – The only way he does is to be an All-American

How good is Patrick Sparks? Also what is your sign?
Geek- When I was at the SEC tourney in March, I asked the players who they could not do with out on the team. They were in agreement. Patrick Sparks. Tubby stated he was the best player in practice. We shall see how he takes to playing in Rupp on a continual basis, but he loves the challenge.

CoreyYoung asks:
What's wrong with Woo? Can he ever be an impact player at UK? What does Randolph Morris' arrival do to his status?
Geek – Nothing is wrong with Lukasz. It was a change in venue. Like most Europeans, the kids love to play on the floor and not in the paint. He needs some beef and some time with Reggie…

Who is your all-time favorite Wildcat? Do you think the Cats will win a national championship in the next four years?
Geek – I hate saying my favorites, for some people don't understand my thinking. I just don't look at the stats, but what they gave to the University and to the state. So here are my top 5 FAVORITES (Who I SAW play). These are not necessarily the BEST. Jimmy Dan Conner, Sam Bowie, Larry Conley, Jamal Mashburn, Scott Padgett.

Where are you originally from?
Geek – 1981 Graduate of Mayfield (KY ) HS. 1990 Graduate of Tennessee State University

HSHoopsNut asks:
When did you start becoming a Wildcat fan?
Geek – When I was born. My dad was a big fan. So we learned it by lineage.

What is the truth on Harvey? Will he ever qualify? Is Tubby still going to recruit him?
Geek – The Truth? I only tell what I hear and understand from people on the west coast. It is apparent that he will be eligible unless he slips this school year. Yes we are, but we are not just FOCUSING on Bryan.

Will we still recruit him after junior college?
Geek – If he goes to JC, we probably wont recruit him then.

flipisatrip asks:
who besides Hansbrough currently has an offer from kentucky and the tubster?
Geek – No one at this time.

kjon101 asks:
Geek – as noted before. I don't know.

onthinice asks:
With Cote due to transfer does our needs change from say Tyler,Adam and Harvey(if the scholly is there) to say Tyler,Adam and a Center? Are we in the Amir Johnson hunt perhaps?
Geek – No, not another center, for Shagari will be redshirting. Woo will improve. No we are not in A Johnson's final group.

freshshava asks:
Is Marshall Brown the "mystery" walk-on?
Geek – No.

UKRollin asks:
If Taz Mitch is a lock for LSU, then why does he give so much praise to UK and Tubby. I know he is supposed to visit the campus in the late summer or fall. Does UK have a Legitimate shot at obtaining Mr. Mitchell's services?
Geek – Taz is not a "lock" for LSU. If he were this would already be over. It is too easy with Coach Pierre at LSU already.

WldcatMan32 asks:
Will UK offer Harvey anytime soon?
Geek – No. Tubby is looking at other guards AND reviewing the 2006 class as well.

Rockcastlefan asks:
Okay Geek here's a question I have debated with some of my friends for sometime now. Is the talent level in the state of Kentucky growing, staying the same, or falling. Also, if you believe it's falling or rising, how does that affect UK's recruiting efforts toward KY recruits.
Geek – The Kentucky talent recently has taken a dip from previous years, but it will improve in 2006 and 2007.

Im4bigblue asks:
With all the great guys who we signed this year do you really think they will stick around long enough for UK to win another NC or do you think most of them are 2 and gone?
Geek – My personal interviews with the guys, tells me that will be here for at least two years. I expect them to be here longer, except for Joe and Randolph.

ropeadope asks:
In life, we always need to have a "backup plan". Who is Tubby's backup plan in the Fall signing period if TH opts elsewhere?
Geek - Tasmin Mitchell, Rashad Chase and still on the burner is Keith Brumbaugh. BUT take it from me, I expect TH by the end of June to announce for UK.

landmansteve asks:
If Hansbrough choses another school, then who will OTS go after next?
Geek - Tasmin and Rashad Chase. But it is a moot question.

ukcat48 asks:
Who else, will visit UK, and who have we offered?
Geek – As I noted earlier, Tubby is already doing 2006 work, so I don't think there is any question. Tyler. Then Bryan.

jdmorgan76 asks:
UK has the makings of a great group of individual talents; how that translates to team play is something I haven't seen discussed in great detail yet.
Geek – What has UK played for the past two seasons. What has Tubby said would be the first attribute of all of his recruits from here on. Team Ball. FOR that reason, what can we expect from these players? Team work. Ramel and Rajon are DYNAMITE passers, exceptional savvy, and really know how to make their teammates better. Joe could have been the number one scorer in all of the country last season. He learned to play with Malik and his teammates to play as a team and win the state championship. AND he doesn't complain about it.

We all remember team turmoil. Do you have any guesses and or ideas about how cohesive this year's team can be with so many potential superstars?
Geek – With OTS at the helm, this is no issue.

SigmaNuKat52 asks:
Where do feel Tyler Hansbrough will choose for college?
Geek - UK

Who is the likely third recruit other than AW and hopefully TH?
Geek – Bryan Harvey

Will we still have a shot at Tasmin Mitchell if Hansbrough commits to UK?
Geek – Probably not. Tasmin is not a 3.

Would Mitchell be willing to play the three?
Geek – Yes, but he isnt.

What is Bryan Harvey's status?
Geek – Still needs to pass the SAT…

Would an early offer to Richard Semrau (sp?) seem likely or would that also depend on Tyler?
Geek – Two different players. I don't think Tubby will offer. I wish I could say I was impressed with Semrau enough to warrant an offer now, but I cannot. He is a VERY GOOD player, but does not warrant an offer now. He and Tyler are not connective.

Are we Rashad Chase's favorite and would he commit if offered?
Geek – He doesn't have a favorite. He has FAVORITES. He probably would. But we wont until we exhaust Tyler and Tasmin.

Would we still go after Chase if Tyler commits to UK?
Geek – No.

Are we completely out on David Heurtas?
Geek – Yes.

Would we go after Yamene Coleman if Tyler commits to UK and Chase chooses elsewhere or is turned off to us?
Geek – Yes.

Has Tubby completely written off Jamont Gordon?
Geek – Yes, because Gordon has "written us off".

What is the latest on JP Prince, is he still hell bent on being a point guard only?
Geek – He is the other guard we are looking at as a "2nd option" to Harvey.

What is the latest on CDR?
Geek – We are out.

Who do you believe will make up the 05 class?
Geek – Hansbrough, Harvey, and Williams.

Will we even attempt to go after Greg Oden?
Geek – The NBA has that honor.

Who has high interest for the 06 class?
Geek - Semrau

District6Guru asks:
James McKinney has stated he'd like to hear from Pitt and yes I am a Pitt fan, can you give the skinny on him strengths, weakness,etc....
Geek – I have to admit, I don't know anything about him, Bob. But I will find out over the next week.

Hmmmmmmmm Well what do you taste best basted with ? best sides to serve ? and how long should i let you grill for ?
Geek – Raw Green Onions, White Beans, and Hush Puppies. I don't need basting. I am a Porterhouse so at least 6-7 minutes on each side.

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