Also check to see if you had IK's "Post of the Week," or not.">
Also check to see if you had IK's "Post of the Week," or not.">

Chatter Box: This Week @ Inside Kentucky

Take a look at what is in store this week on Inside Kentucky. From our new featured, "Guru Grill" guest, Scott Kennedy, to our Friday appearence on WVLK with Tim Woodburn, their is lot to be excited about on Inside Kentucky this week and in the coming months.<br><br> Also check to see if you had IK's "Post of the Week," or not.

Message Board Chatter

Post of the Week
Subject: Guys, I think it is time we give UL their due.
Started by: BloomingtonCat1
(44 replies)

"I happen to agree I do not believe thier schedule is as tough as ours. However, they are beating who they are scheduled to play and that is all they can do. In addition, they have beaten us 4 out of 5 years and are recruiting very well.

We will get there, but lets give credit where it is due. We can build ourselves up without cutting them down."
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IK Question of the Week
Do you like the new uniforms?
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Grill the Guru returns
Inside Kentucky's "Grill the Guru," returns this Tuesday with a special appearence with Scott Kennedy.

Kennedy is the's Southeast Regional football analyst and has done an exceptional job updating us throughout the summer. He will have just returned from summer combines from over the weekend and will have plenty to share with our members regarding Kentucky and football recruiting in general. Please stop by and chat with us! The chat will start at 11 AM on Tuesday, June 8th!!. Subscribe Today to get into the chat-room by clicking one of the following links Magazine Only or Online Mag Special!

Grill the Guru will return shortly after with a visit from basketball recruiting guru, Dave Telep, on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 9th @ 2 pm. Telep is the's basketball genius, having updated the world of basketball recruiting for many years now. He most recently ranked Kentucky's incoming recruiting class of Randolph Morris, Rajon Rondo, Ramel Bradley, and Joe Crawford; #1 in the nation.

Greg Hoover officially kicks off the Grill the Guru
Inside Kentucky's Greg Hoover officially kicked off the soon to be annual "Grill the Guru"; take a look at what was said: Grill the Guru-Greg Hoover Chat Transcript

Letters to the UK Men's Golf Team
Inside Kentucky is allowing its members to send letters of congratulations to the University of Kentucky Men's Golf team, after its courageous effort in the NCAA Men's Championships last weekend. Click the link below to contribute to the growing list of letters:

Send a Note to the UK Golf Team!

Please drop by and leave a note before Wednesday, June 9th; our deadline. Thanks for those that participate. Coach Craig, Inside Kentucky, and the entire UK Men's Golf team appreciates your support and heartfelt congratulations.

Demaree and Gidel on 590 WVLK with Tim Woodburn
Inside Kentucky's Rob Gidel and Inside Kentucky's Lonnie Demaree will be on the radio, Friday, June 11th from 6 to 7 pm to talk football recruiting. Feel free to call in and ask Rob questions regarding the upcoming recruiting season and UK football. That's 590 AM, WVLK on Friday from 6 pm to 7 pm!

Sports Promotions to sponsor Softball Showcase
Sports Promotions, a partner of Inside Kentucky, will be hosting a softball showcase for girls in the state of Kentucky interested in playing college softball. College coaches from around the state of Kentucky will be in attendance on July 20th and July 21rst if it rains. If you need additional information, please email Ed Inman at Inside Kentucky will keep everyone posted if any new information appears.

IK to be at State Softball Tournament Thursday
Sports Promotions and Inside Kentucky will be at the Kentucky State Softball Tournament this Thursday. Stop by the Inside Kentucky stand to recieve free magazines and information regarding the softball showcase in July.

IK and Sports Promotions will also have a table set up at the Kentucky/Indiana All-Star game next week in Owensboro. We will be giving away magazines, IK t-shirts, and selling subscriptions to the magazines. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes will also be on hand to help with the festivities.

Kennedy's and Inside Kentucky agree to deal
Inside Kentucky and Kennedy's book-store has agreed to a partnership. Soon guests to our website will be able to purchase clothing items from Kennedy's from our website. Stay tuned for additional news to come!

Features coming this week!
Inside Kentucky is expecting a full load of features to be posted this week, including updates on the football camps at UK (9th through 11th) and the Passing Tournament & Big Man Camp slated for the 12th. Be sure and check us out this week! Don't miss out! Subscribe Today by clicking on the following links: Magazine Only or Online Mag Special!

Football Preview to hit Newstands
Inside Kentucky's football preview is scheduled to hit newstands this fall. Included in the issue is the following:
-Interview with Coach Brooks
-Interview with Coach Hudson
-Legends Interview with Mark Higgs, Joe Prince, and Cisco Bryant
-High School Football Preview
-UK Recruiting Update
-In depth analysis
-Position by position breakdown

Stay tuned for more from Inside Kentucky: Your source for Kentucky Sports!

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