Chat Transcript - Scott Kennedy

Insiders' Southeast Recruiting Guru, Scott Kennedy, stopped by on Tuesday to give Inside Kentucky members a chance to ask questions regarding the current recruiting season. See what was said in our chat transcript.

WldcatMan32:: so i guess i will get it started, before the stampede comes
WldcatMan32:: have you heard anything on the LaGrange boys?
Scott Kennedy:: THe kids at LaGrange seem to be content in taking their time this year
Scott Kennedy:: I know Braxton Kelley was just offered by Kentcuky
Scott Kennedy:: he's one of those guys that might not be big enough for some schools, but it pure football player
WldcatMan32:: do you think DeMoreo Ford will be offered?
Scott Kennedy:: I'm a little worried about Ford's speed, but he is a great high school receiver
Scott Kennedy:: if he gets an offer, it might be a late offer
jfray0:: Does UK have a legimate shot at Trey Blackmon
Scott Kennedy:: jfray, I think that one would be a long shot
Scott Kennedy:: I don't think he goes too far from home
Scott Kennedy:: Georgia 2 hours, Auburn 30 minutes
Scott Kennedy:: those would be my two guesses right now
WldcatMan32:: what about James McKinney
WldcatMan32:: will he be a Cardinal like expected?
Scott Kennedy:: Was surprised to see McKinney commit to Michigan so early
KIDRED:: He has since decommited I believe.
Scott Kennedy:: ow that he's backed off of that some, I think the in state schools have a good shot
Scott Kennedy:: He's a terrific prospect
Scott Kennedy:: Kentucky has done a good job in state...
WldcatMan32:: i know he doesn't mention UK a lot, but i heard his mom was a UK fan? any truth?
KIDRED:: What is he's best position you think?
Scott Kennedy:: when all was said and done, Micah Jones ended up being the Top OL in the South last year
Scott Kennedy:: I like him at DT
Scott Kennedy:: the way he can move, I like him on defense
Scott Kennedy:: could be a heck of a guard though
Larrythebeamdrinker:: Me too
Scott Kennedy:: interior line either way...
FranciscoGarcia:: thats better
FanOcards:: hey scott...i know this is a UK chat...however what could u tell me about UofL's recruiting class o 2005?
Scott Kennedy:: I think someone listed him at TE early... I got a chuckle out of that
KIDRED:: Some schools are recrutitng him as a LB and TE.
Scott Kennedy:: Louisville always starts late...
Scott Kennedy:: KidRed... sure they are
Scott Kennedy:: they'll tell him QB if that's what it takes to get his signature
KIDRED:: Thats funny
Larrythebeamdrinker:: How bout Tray Blackmon going to UK Scott
Scott Kennedy:: Larry, I don't see him going that far away from home
Scott Kennedy:: I like either Georgia or Auburn with Blackmon
FanOcards:: u know...why would Boyd stay at UK when he has a chance to play pro ball?
Scott Kennedy:: Georgia is only about 2 hours, and Auburn is about 30 minutes
Scott Kennedy: he'll be at an AUburn passing league on Thursday, I'll talk to him again...
Larrythebeamdrinker: How good is Mam Nyang
Scott Kennedy: Mam Nyang is darn good
Scott Kennedy: he's just raw... hasn't been playing long..
KIDRED: Do either Kentucky or Louisville have a legitimate shot at him
Scott Kennedy: I'll put up film on him this week
Mike4UK: Can you tell us about Rocky Ross? He seems to have an interest in UK, UofL and some other high profile teams.
Scott Kennedy: Kentucky was the first team to offer, that always makes a big impression
Larrythebeamdrinker: Mam's picture on insiders made him look about 25 yrs old and Huge
Scott Kennedy: I haven't seen Rocky Ross yet...
FanOcards: hows bush's foot
Scott Kennedy: A lot of people asked me why I didn't rate Bush as high as everyone else...
MichaelMcCammon: Michael's foot is 100%
Scott Kennedy: "because he's no QB" :)
KIDRED: I believe he can be a QB, unfortunatly he won't get another chance
Larrythebeamdrinker: Who would you say the top 5 kids in Kentucky are this year
MichaelMcCammon: #1 is easy
Scott Kennedy: He "could" be a QB, but I don't think it was his best position, and he looked like he was eating his way out of the "athlete" category as a senior
WldcatMan32: WHats that latest on Brandon Deaderick
Scott Kennedy: #1 is easy...
Scott Kennedy: James McKinney
Scott Kennedy: I haven't gotten to see too many of the Kentucky kids this year
spieg3232: scott, where do you think mckinney ends up when all the dust clears?
Scott Kennedy: I want to see more of Chris Todd
Larrythebeamdrinker: Curtis Pulley
MichaelMcCammon: Todd's stock recently dropped a little with me
Scott Kennedy: I want to see more of Brandon Logan too
Scott Kennedy: the Smith Kid at RB looked pretty good too
MichaelMcCammon: Pulley, Heyman, Logan, Deaderick, Alston, Zirbel, etc,'s a loaded year for this state
Scott Kennedy: good size, not as fast as advertised, but fast enough
WldcatMan32: so whats the deal Alston, why hasn't UK offered
spieg3232: hey scott, from univ of louisville incoming class, besides brohm, who would you say the best players are?
spieg3232: i hear alston is not as fast as what is printed. he is mor in the 4.6 range which is somewhat slow to play DB for a big time college
Scott Kennedy: Lamar Myles is a physical freak...
Scott Kennedy: but I never got to see him with pads on
KIDRED: sounds like a S to me
CardinalDoug: I was thinking safety too
mccard: what state is myles from?
Scott Kennedy: Elijah Daniel out of Alabama is a good athlete as well
spieg3232: i have seen a few pictures of myles, seems like a bodybuilder, but can he play football
Scott Kennedy: Myles is from FL
Scott Kennedy: exactly speig...
Larrythebeamdrinker: Who makes a bigger impact next year Lonnel Dewalt or Rafeal Little
spieg3232: i liked daniels when i saw some film, long strider, but looked good catching the fball
Scott Kennedy: hmm... good questions..
Scott Kennedy: how bad do y'all need a RB?
KIDRED: Lets hope he passesthe field test too. MYLES
Scott Kennedy: because I think it's easier for RB's to play early
WldcatMan32: we need a running back BADLY
Scott Kennedy: RB's are born...
Scott Kennedy: they're not coached or developed
jfray0: what do you know about the kids from smyrna, tenn.
Mike4UK: UofL doesn't need anymore. Send them to UK :)
WldcatMan32: we need a running back with vision; we have none
Scott Kennedy: how many times do you hear about a run... "you just can't coach that"
mccard: we need d-lineman
spieg3232: as a UL fan, i think little gets 6-8 carries a game for you guys with beach getting the bulk. little is a hell of a talent though
KIDRED: You always need quality depth
WldcatMan32: Scott, we talked about Santos the other day, do you think UK will take a chance and offer?
WldcatMan32: I know Louisville is recruiting him as well
KIDRED: Will Little be strong enought right away
Larrythebeamdrinker: Scott what do know about Dewalt
Scott Kennedy: Wildcatman, his coach told me that Santos measured 5-11 and 1/4 at two different camps
Scott Kennedy: if he's really that tall, he has a chance...
spieg3232: i dont know how UL will be able to land another QB. the position is on lockdown for about 4 years
KIDRED: Is Dewalt a WR or future TE
Scott Kennedy: I was just afraid he would get to a camp and measure 5-9
Scott Kennedy: Dewalt, great athlete, haven't seen what he can do on the football field... will be interested to see him...
spieg3232: with the down year in ALA, what other states in the south have a better than normal class?
Scott Kennedy: Mississippi is better than it was last year
KIDRED: Didn't know Bama was down this year?
Scott Kennedy: Florida looks to be better right now too
Scott Kennedy: it is a better overall year for OL
Scott Kennedy: it's a terrible year for QB
Scott Kennedy: and it's not a very good year for running backs
Larrythebeamdrinker: Is Tray Blackmon a program changing Lber
spieg3232: i was hearing BAMA is way down as far as d-1 caliber players this year
Scott Kennedy: down for WR's as well
Scott Kennedy: lots of OL and LB's
KIDRED: Whew! Good thing we don't need one.
Scott Kennedy: a lot of good TEs too
WldcatMan32: Scott, tell Florida to stay the heck out of Kentucky then ;)
Scott Kennedy: Florida goes every where to recruit
spieg3232: how about DL because Louisville needs lineman on both sides, LB's, and a few TE's
Scott Kennedy: I've heard a lot of the same sentiments in Georgia
Scott Kennedy: There's some good DL's this year
mccard: d-line for sure
Scott Kennedy: about average I would say
Larrythebeamdrinker: How does Mckinney stack up with the rest of the DT's
spieg3232: id say quite well
WldcatMan32: McKinney's one of the best IMO, he dominated Columbus Nike Camp
mccard: any names louisvillle connected with DL scott?
WldcatMan32: hey MIke!
Scott Kennedy: Larry, McKinney is as good a DT as I've seen on tape this year
jfray0: scott, have you seen many of the kids from smyrna, tenn.
Scott Kennedy: good enough that you can make an argument for him with just about anyone in the south
KIDRED: Now McKinney, Logan, and Lewis are kind right?
WldcatMan32: yes KidRed, they are all cousins
WldcatMan32: you can add Steven McKinney to that bunch as well
spieg3232: athletic family
KIDRED: Keeping all in the family I suppose
Larrythebeamdrinker: Do you know how James did number wise at the NIke
Scott Kennedy: there are certain players I could care less how they show up at a combine :)
mccard: nice chat people. Later.
Scott Kennedy: some of them, I want to see if they are as big as advertised, or if they can run anywhere close to what they need to...
Scott Kennedy: after that... plug in the tape...
WldcatMan32: Scott how do you feel about 40 times?
Scott Kennedy: that they are the most overrated, overused, overabused stat in sports...
WldcatMan32: thats what i thought, i feel the same way
Scott Kennedy: I want to know if a kid is fast "enough"
Scott Kennedy: that's all I care about
Scott Kennedy: Linemen... 5.7 or better is plenty... but they all think they run 4.9
Scott Kennedy: a legit 4.6 is flying...
Larrythebeamdrinker: interesting
jfray0: 40's are not consistant either. At the MSL combine at cincy, the field was really slow
jfray0: at least .2 secs
Scott Kennedy: it's almost impossible to get legit times anywhere though
KIDRED: Sometimes you just have players who dont run, jump are as quick as others at the combines
Scott Kennedy: jfray... it's actually the other way around...
Scott Kennedy: the +.2 is about normal...
Scott Kennedy: find out what a kid says he runs, add .2 to it, and you have a fighting chance
WldcatMan32: yeah, those 4.2's are rediculous
KIDRED: I laugh when I see 4.2's That world class speed
Scott Kennedy: I've had about 4 kids break 4.5 for me in 5 different camps
WldcatMan32: yeah even the pro days numbers are not legit
jfray0: the fastest at the cincy camp was about 4.65
WldcatMan32: Logan ran a 4.29 at Uk's Pro Day and Burton ran a 4.49
WldcatMan32: yeah Jonathan and he was flying
Scott Kennedy: I've seen a legit 4.40 this year, and you could almost hear him coming...
KIDRED: see what I'm talking about
Scott Kennedy: Antone Smith
Scott Kennedy: I did get a kid at 4.39 on a track in a race
WldcatMan32: so how do recruits percieve our staff?
WldcatMan32: have you been getting good vibes?
Scott Kennedy: but his 1st two times were 4.55
Scott Kennedy: everyone loves Joker Phillips
Scott Kennedy: he's really the only one I ever hear about in recruiting
jfray0: we do too
WldcatMan32: does a recruiting coordinator have that much impact in the decision process?
KIDRED: Is Whitt making an impression
Scott Kennedy: Whitt makes a big impression...
Scott Kennedy: lots of ties in Alabama
Scott Kennedy: Rob, yes, a recruiting coordinato usually has a big impact on the decision making process
KIDRED: Great!
Scott Kennedy: he's usually one of two guys that can approve a scholarship offer
Scott Kennedy: the head coach being the other
Scott Kennedy: not sure how Kentucky works exactly
Scott Kennedy: isn't a problem in Tallahassee or South Carolina
WldcatMan32: do you think we can ever field a competitive team in the SEC?
Scott Kennedy: just win...
WldcatMan32: thats true Scott...very good point
Scott Kennedy: "ever"
Scott Kennedy: sure...
Scott Kennedy: but a team like Kentucky has to be better in their evaluations than a lot of the other SEC schools that get to recruit the types of athletes that our wives can pick out of a crows
Scott Kennedy: crowd
Scott Kennedy: but you don't need to have the best talent to win... just "enough" talent to win
WldcatMan32: good point
WldcatMan32: Larrry - you are offly quiet, whats up?
Scott Kennedy: There's enough talent in the south to support any of the SEC teams with the right coaching and development
Scott Kennedy: I'm not sure if y'all saw my South Hot 100
WldcatMan32: where should we focus our recruiting attention
Larrythebeamdrinker: Im here Rob, just enjoying the material
Scott Kennedy: but I included 8 states
Scott Kennedy: I didn't even include South or North Carolina
KIDRED: Interesting point about talent
Scott Kennedy: and in those 8 states, 1/3 of all D1 signees will come from them
Scott Kennedy: plus easy access to Ohio
WldcatMan32: I have to ask, why Mario Urrutia over Brandon Deaderick, Corey Zirbel?
Scott Kennedy: and Kentucky is in about the same type of situation that Tennessee is
Scott Kennedy: Rob, I know more about Mario...
Scott Kennedy: not a good evaluation yet...
Scott Kennedy: I'll be the first to admit that
Scott Kennedy: I'll be catching up this month
WldcatMan32: great, looking forward to it
WldcatMan32: whats easier to recruit, Ohio or the SOuth?
Scott Kennedy: for Kentucky? The south... the SEC pull is stronger
Scott Kennedy: for Proximity, UK should be able to get into Ohio for a player here and there
WldcatMan32: have you heard much of Jarrell Williams? I hear we got a steal
Larrythebeamdrinker: Is our incoming class, the strongest class weve pulled in the past 10 years
Scott Kennedy: Larry, I don't know the past 10 years enough to be able to make a call like that
Scott Kennedy: best of the past three though
WldcatMan32: Larry - in talking with Joker, off the record he said it was best since Curry
Larrythebeamdrinker: better than the Robertson, hall, Caudill class
Scott Kennedy: y'all are going to like Joe Joe Brown
Scott Kennedy: kid is a competitor and a winner
WldcatMan32: just between us, he might beat out Andre for second string
Larrythebeamdrinker: how's the arm
Larrythebeamdrinker: Wow rob
Larrythebeamdrinker: What's andre's Deal
Scott Kennedy: good arm, very good mobility
Scott Kennedy: excellent accuracy
WldcatMan32: yeah, Coach Brooks made a comment at the Louisville quarterback club
Larrythebeamdrinker: Sweet
Scott Kennedy: biggest part of Joe Joe is his competitiveness
WldcatMan32: Andre ---> no idea how to play quarterback
Scott Kennedy: his toughness on the field is much more important than if his arm was a little stronger
Larrythebeamdrinker: Is jo joe that good or is andre struggleing
WldcatMan32: scott- anybody else to look out for
Scott Kennedy: Richard Lyons was a steal too
WldcatMan32: larry - little of both
WldcatMan32: really, we are really really excited about him
Scott Kennedy: I just looked at his bio, and 4.4 is silly, but he's a very, very good player
Scott Kennedy: I got to watch more of him this spring
WldcatMan32: all of Santos' highlight tape was Lyons
Scott Kennedy: yup...
jfray0: Scott, its Dicky Lyons. His dad told me that's what he was going to be called at UK from now on. :)
WldcatMan32: COach Brooks talks about him like crazy
WldcatMan32: what about Wesley WOodyard??
Larrythebeamdrinker: Any of you guy's think DEwalt should have been rated higher
WldcatMan32: thats right Jonatha!
WldcatMan32: Larry - absolutely, but the grade situation might have brought him down
Scott Kennedy: I don't use grades as a factor (Emmanual Harrell), I just was never able to get good film on Dewalt
Scott Kennedy: so he got a middle rating...
Scott Kennedy: the thought process being...
Scott Kennedy: I'd rather tell you why a guy is underranked, rather than hype a kid I never saw
WldcatMan32: I see, thats a good thought process, and I understand...we need to get more kids like that
WldcatMan32: what do you think of Harrell
Larrythebeamdrinker: The highlights I saw were prettty amazing
Scott Kennedy: if he bombs, I better have a better reason for justifying his ranking than... "I heard good things about him"
Scott Kennedy: Harrell was a Top 5 player in the 2003 class
WldcatMan32: really, that good?
WldcatMan32: WOW!
Larrythebeamdrinker: seriously
Scott Kennedy: I think I had them... 1. Kregg Lumpkin, 2 Sean Bailey, 3 Paul Oliver, 4. Zeb McKinzey, 5 Emmanual Harrell
Larrythebeamdrinker: how bout that guy
WldcatMan32: wow, thats unbelievable
Scott Kennedy: Means didn't play as a senior, so I never saw him
Scott Kennedy: don't get too excited... not until you see him in pads...
WldcatMan32: Scott what have oyu heard abotu Richie Rich?
Scott Kennedy: He is going to be close on grades.
Scott Kennedy: I love him
Scott Kennedy: He is a terrific running back
WldcatMan32: how bout Tray Rutland....UK got a chance if UGA doesn't offer?
Scott Kennedy: if you haven't watched his reel give it a look
Larrythebeamdrinker: What a complete mystery the Means kid is? Noone even seems to have a picture of him. All I know is he had 20 sacks as a junior
Scott Kennedy: yeah, I don't expect Georgia to offer him
Scott Kennedy: he's the best QB in the state this year
WldcatMan32: wow; i wish he woudl give UK a look, he would be a big time quarterback prospect
WldcatMan32: when do the rankings come out?
Scott Kennedy: He's a good prospect, but I don't know that I would take him over Joe oe Brown
Larrythebeamdrinker: Any chance Micah jones gets a look at Nose
Scott Kennedy: there were 12 D1 QBs in the state of Georgia last year... including about 6 that went ACC/SEC
Scott Kennedy: there might be one or two this year
Scott Kennedy: there were only two in 2003
Scott Kennedy: last year was a freak year
WldcatMan32: wow, thats an incredible evaluation of Joe Joe
WldcatMan32: Larry - I hope not, we need O-Linemen badly
Larrythebeamdrinker: Where did joe joe rank among those 12
Scott Kennedy: Larry, Mid Tier
Larrythebeamdrinker: Rob, is Micah gonna start in your opinion
WldcatMan32: yes, without a doubt in my mind
Larrythebeamdrinker: Cool
WldcatMan32: Scott - what about Mike Davis from Columbia (SC)
Larrythebeamdrinker: How bout Big mammoth Kane Hannaford
Larrythebeamdrinker: is he gonna start
WldcatMan32: Eddie Haupt's parents both went to UK? have you gotten to see him yet?
WldcatMan32: he's from Florida
Larrythebeamdrinker: Eddie looks like an athlete
WldcatMan32: Larry - Hannaford is borderline, i am not sure yet on him...he might be too good to red-shirt
WldcatMan32: but not good enough to start
Scott Kennedy: I got to see Kane in a camp last year...
Larrythebeamdrinker: So Micah is ahead of Kane
WldcatMan32: yes sir
Scott Kennedy: huge... strong, ge struggled with his feet in the drills I watched
WldcatMan32: tell us about Kane, Scott
Scott Kennedy: he and Jum Tartt are almost exactly the same size
Scott Kennedy: Tartt signed with UF
Scott Kennedy: I watched them both and the only difference was their footwork
Larrythebeamdrinker: is he very coordinated
Scott Kennedy: Kane is one of those guys I was talking about earlier...
Scott Kennedy: with the right coaching and development, he can be as good of a player (if not better) than the higher ranked Jim Tartt
Larrythebeamdrinker: Can he walk and chew gum at the same time
Scott Kennedy: he's the kind of guy that if you coach up, can win you a lot of games

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