Telep's chats about UK Recruiting, Future

Dave Telep, known to all as the best recruiting guru in the country, stopped by to chat with Inside Kentucky on Wednesday. From Tyler Hansbrough to Bryan Harvey, no stone was left un-turned in yesterday's chat. Check out the Chat Transcript.


GEEKCAT: Do you agree that the TOC is the best AAU event? I think so, well maybe the Nationals at Orlando...

GEEKCAT: Dave, you agree that Greg Oden the best player in HS now...

Dave Telep: The very best could be the Boo Williams, but the TOC is right up there. The AAU Nationals in Orlando are watered down and most of the elite teams are now skipping them.

Dave Telep: Without question the best prospect in America is Greg Oden. He's as good a big man prospect as I've seen since 1997.

GEEKCAT: Guys the best recruiting analyst is here. ANY questions Dave will answer...

GEEKCAT: Dave, I havent been to the Boo Williams, when is it held and where

Dave Telep: It's the weekend after the Final Four in Hampton, Va.

pwhphilip: Dave do you like Kansas or Kentucky for TH if DP to UNC is a done deal

Dave Telep: It'll be interesting to see how that plays out, especially if Padgett winds up at UNC. It looked for a while like UNC was surging with TH. However, the UK visit was a big hit and you never know what happens if schools begin adding more prospects. Personally, I think he fits at both places because he's not sitting behind anyone.

CardinalDoug: will TH consider the nba seriously?

GEEKCAT: Are the Jayhawks playing for SHOW (3rd place)

GEEKCAT: No he wont consider NBA he isnt ready.

GEEKCAT: In fact none of this years class is. They THINK they are but they arent

CardinalDoug: sometime ready is not the issue, it is a status thing now

tk1aka: Could you see TH and Hendrix joing the same college team... or is Hendrix considering jumping to the NBA?

Dave Telep: Who knows about the NBA. Right now the class overall doesn't appear to be placing a lot of guys in the NBA. I don't see TH right now as an NBA guy out of high school but you never know what a year brings.

CardinalDoug: do you like Marques Johnson or Terrence Williams better?

Dave Telep: Fellas, leave the NBA issue alone right now. The truth is some of these guys will consider it. The other side of the truth is that right now none are ready.

Dave Telep: TWilliams is 2005 and M Johnson (from Indy) is 2006. I like Williams better. I think he's a big time athlete who right now is a point forward.

pwhphilip: how do you feel about this class compared to years past

CardinalDoug: talking about Marques Johnson from CA in 2005 class

Dave Telep: This year's class is surely down. This is a cyclical thing. 2004 was great. 2005 is bad and 2006 looks to be outstanding. HOWEVER, 2006 could be so good that we lose a lot of kids to the NBA.

Dave Telep: Marcus Johnson 2005 is all athlete. Williams is the better prospect right now because of his perimeter and passing game.

freshshava: Mr. Telep what are your thoughts on J. P. Prince?

Dave Telep: I am a big Prince fan. I feel that he's a PG at his size. Put it this way: he wants to play the PG in college, schools recruiting him for other spots won't get him and I think he's talented enough to do it.

freshshava: Do you think he is as talented as tayshaun?

Dave Telep: No, Tayshaun was more talented and a MUCH better shooter coming out of high school. Tay did so many things at a high level. I think JP is a bonafide high major player but Tay was an all-american coming out of hs

GEEKCAT: Dave what is the latest on Mike Conley, Jr

pwhphilip: would you compare him to a Jalen Rose type

Dave Telep: Conley recently visited Wake Forest; his dad was a big timer at Arkansas so don't forget that and Indiana will stay in the picture.

Dave Telep: Rose was a better scorer than Prince. Probably even a better ballhandler. Same body structure to a degree though.

CardinalDoug: Dave, Amir Johnson seems very talented, what does he need to work on?

jfray0: Of UK's incoming class, what are all of the chances to start?

jfray0: their chances, that is

Dave Telep: Johnson just needs stability. Remember he was ineligible last year in HS. He's a talent but he's got to prove his worth on and off the court. I like him as a Top 15 prospect who might even be better than that. I think he's going to have to show consistency with his inside play. He can do it.

Dave Telep: I don't see how Sparks, Rondo and Crawford don't play together ...

CardinalDoug: Andre McGee seems like the PG that Louisville needs, do you agree and most think he is a lock for Louisville, do you?

3ballatuk: what about r bradley, how much did he improve at img?

Dave Telep: He's a different style PG than I would select to run my team but I understand his value. He's more of a scoring point guard. He's going to get his shots up. He's an offensive talent but not the assist man others in the class are. He'll be out on the circuit again in July and we'll have more chances to see him and see where his game is. Right now he's injured so he hasn't played much.

Dave Telep: I think Bradley is a nice player and a tough kid. His shot is inconsistent from the outside and I don't see him beating out Rondo at the PG or Crawford/Sparks at the two ...

3ballatuk: have you heard the scuttlebut that padgett has asked for his release to unc, how does this affect tyler h.

BACKAGAIN: Hello DT, thanks for taking the time to chat with us.

CardinalDoug: i saw Bradley at the night of future stars and derby game, his 3 pt shooting was terrible, but he got up and down the court very well, plays hard and plays with a smile on his face

pwhphilip: what is your feeling on Morris and how long do you feel he will stay in college

GEEKCAT: Dave there is also a story circulating that Tubby has offered JP Prince. Do you have any info on if there is an offer and what about his game?

Dave Telep: I haven't talked to Tyler about that as the Padgett news just broke recently. To me, there is room for more than one big there so I wouldn't go counting them out.

Dave Telep: I think Morris will stay a minimum of two years.

Dave Telep: I can't confirm a Prince offer from Tubby but i can certainly make a call. I think he's a PG with promise. Sure he's weak and is not a great scorer but he can really pass the basketball and I'd trust him to run a team.

freshshava: Mr. Telep do you believe that Morris could be the best freshman in college if he is really depended on in the paint?

CatsFan03: I know it's probably been asked, and GEEK hear's enough, but to affirm. Where are we with Harvey and Hansbaugh?

Dave Telep: I don't know about that. That's a huge role for Randolph to take on as a freshman. I think that he's one of those guys that is still maturing. I wouldn't be surprised to see him blossom into that kind of a guy but I think he needs time to grow with his game. I think those expectations are lofty, as they should be, but being a dominant player is something that takes more than just a month of the season to develop. He will be one of the best in the land though.

Dave Telep: Harvey? What Harvey?

3ballatuk: why is taz mitchell waiting till next year to declare, is it because he is unsure about stability of the LSU program

GEEKCAT: Bryan Harvey Dave. The kid from Compton CA

Dave Telep: 3ball: No, a kid like Mitchell is going to want to keep his name "hot" so to speak. He'll want to be talked about a lot and the fact of the matter is that once you commit you get talked about less. Look for him to drag it out into the fall.

CatsFan03: Any idea on when Geek's going to end up employeed. We're hoping he gets to soon from some of his writings!

Dave Telep: Bryan Harvey is going to need some academic work done before schools can really get serious about him from what I'm told.

GEEKCAT: CatsFan03 I wanna know also! LOL

CatsFan03: You seen much of Ramel that can be something we haven't heard from anyone else? Something that will excite us even more?

WldcatMan32: any time table on Harvey? will he decide soon?

pwhphilip: what about Richard Samireu in 06 from Indiana have you seen this kid play

Dave Telep: Like I said with Harvey, I don't know if schools can be quite that serious until they know more about his academics.

trifecta: Could anyone catch me up to speed? thanks

Dave Telep: I have seen Semrau. He's a player. Big time face up game and moves well. He'll be very highly recruited.

WldcatMan32: we'll post a chat recap later this evening trifecta

GEEKCAT: I wasnt impressed that much with Semrau, but I defer to Dave

Dave Telep: Saw the kid hit a game winner at the War On The Shore. He stepped up and drilled a 3 I believe. That was encouraging.

CardinalDoug: Dave, how would you describe Tracy Smith's game (2006 class)

CatsFan03: any scoop you've heard lately that we'd be interested in/excited about, but haven't asked about?

freshshava: Mr. Telep, who do you see being the point guard for UK next year toward the end of the season, Rondo or Sparks?

Dave Telep: I don't see Tracy Smith as a UK recruit right now. He was ineligible for a good part of the season at Mount Zion and got heavy too. He's an inside kid.

Dave Telep: Rondo

3ballatuk: dave thankyou for taking this time to talk to us. how do u rank uks class vs the michigan fab 5, include sparks

CardinalDoug: Tracy is Brandon Jenkins cousin, so i think we (Louisville) are interested

Dave Telep: Now, Patrick Sparks is a big time player. He's going to play and has to for UK to reach its potential. I see Sparks, Rondo and Crawford putting in work

freshshava: Is Rondo so much better than Sparks or is that just your asumption?

pwhphilip: Do you feel if Rondo develops a good jump shot that he could be a player to go pro quicker than people expect

Dave Telep: Cardinal Doug: I can't say. This class is loaded. They have three Burger AA's. That's big time. All of the guys are in our Top 15. Sparks was a big timer at WKU with all sorts of toughness and intangibles. When the time comes to talk about where this class ranks then we'll address it. For now, it's chock full of big timers and loaded with talent.

Dave Telep: Rondo is different than Sparks. he's speed and quickness and getting to the rim. Sparks is intangibles, toughness and big time stroke from deep. I think they are perfect to play alongside each other. Imagine Rondo driving and finding Crawford and Sparks on the wings.

WldcatMan32: the future sure is bright

Dave Telep: Rondo is big time. I was so wrong about him as a rising senior coming out of the summer. I think he could play in the NBA one day if he's able to do what he did his final year at Oak Hill.

Dave Telep: I don't think Louisville is in any hurry to offer Tracy Smith right now. Interested? Maybe but not even close to offering I would think

CatsFan03: so will Randolph stick around a year or two? Is Tubby looking for his heir?

freshshava: Do you expect Crawford to be as good as Bogans was at UK?

Dave Telep: I think Crawford will be as good or better than Bogans.

CardinalDoug: Dave, is Kevin Durant one of your top players in 2006?

GEEKCAT: Excellent questions, keepthem coming

Dave Telep: Absolutely. Durant is a terrific talent. In the process of adding some weight to play stronger inside but he's got a legit stroke with size right now

Dave Telep: Tubby is ALWAYS looking for players. ALWAYS.

pwhphilip: I think Crawford will be better than Bogans because he is a better jumper and slasher you feel the same dave

3ballatuk: has jamont gordon of tenn. dropped all intrest in UK?

CatsFan03: But are there particular BIGS that's he's got his eyes on for replacing Randolph?

CatsFan03: Do you see any players from the State of Kentucky that are jumping out at you lately?

Dave Telep: Hansbrough in 2005 for sure. 2006 is so loaded that they'll have to sort out which guys are likely to leave for the league, decide whether or not to pursue them, then look at secondary options if need be. 2006 will be a complicated recruiting year.

Dave Telep: I haven't seen any big timers from the state of Kentucky catch my eyes lately.

trifecta: This may have already been covered- any update on Hansbrough?

CatsFan03: What's the thoughts on OJ Mayo? I've seen him several times (once at the Y when he dunked over me as an 8th grader).

CardinalDoug: Dave, what do you think of Chad Milliard?

Dave Telep: Mayo is a big time talent. He's starting to round out his game. I saw him two weeks ago and he passed the ball extremely well. The kid is not a selfish 30 point per game scorer by any means. Big time talent.

GEEKCAT: It was trifecta

Dave Telep: Millard is a shooter first and foremost. I think he plays the SG and SF in college.

3ballatuk: dave have you heard any inside nba players union talk of age restrictions and the draft?

Prefontaine: Dave, i understand UNC has asked for Padgett's release papers, how does this effect Tyler's recruitment?

Dave Telep: There's always talk. I don't think the NBA has its plan set for how to deal wtih it.

CatsFan03: Mayo is not at ALL greedy with the ball. Even at the Y he would rather pass than score all the time.

CardinalDoug: Dave, what player in 2005 do you think will improve his stock in the summer camps?

Dave Telep: I haven't spoken to tyler about how it affects him. As I said before, there is room there for more than one forward as they are very thin at that spot. Regardless, I don't know what TH is thinking.

BACKAGAIN: Dave, what are your thoughts on PFs Chase and Coleman?

CatsFan03: If he could just could continue his former team's color (Rose Hill) and wear Blue and White in a couple years!

Dave Telep: I like CJ Miles to continue improving his stock. I think you have to watch Gerald Green too.

CardinalDoug: is Green a legit 2 guard?

Dave Telep: Chase is almost caught in position limbo. I think he wants to play on the perimter but is better inside where he's not quite tall enough though when he wants to be he can get physical. Coleman is a guy I loved as a soph but hasn't really turned into a tail kicker. Regardless, he'll go high major and is a lot of schools second tier option right now.

tk1aka: Speaking of the 2006 class... what do you think about DF Augustine? I saw him at the Tournament of Chanpions and was blown away with his PG skills. It seems like LSU has a lock on the LA Jazz AAU team.

Dave Telep: I think Green can play 2G.

Prefontaine: Dave, do you expect a real sleeper to rise over the summer ala T-Mac?

CatsFan03: What are your thoughts on Adam Williams as well? Know we like his team attitude!

tk1aka: I meant DJ Augustine

Dave Telep: I don't see any TMACs in this class.

CardinalDoug: you think there is any chance that Brandon Wright will actually go to college?

Dave Telep: Adam Williams is much more suited to play at a lower level IMO. he's not going to get minutes at Kentucky.

CatsFan03: Weren't there higher thoughts after the NBA camp?

Dave Telep: Brandan Wright is going to have some options, that's for sure.

CatsFan03: Does he show any comparisions to Mike Dunleavy like I once heard?

GEEKCAT: If Wright goes to college it is for one to maybe two years. He is too talented. Can play 4 maybe even all 5 positions

Dave Telep: Adam Williams and MIke Dunleavy? No, there is no comparison.

Dave Telep: Wright plays the power forward in college. Not sure he's developed 3 man game yet. Big time shot blocker though.

3ballatuk: does a colleges affilation with a shoe company affect recruiting in your opinion?

freshshava: What 5 teams stand out to you for next season?

CardinalDoug: Dave, is Brayden Bell going to be a PF in college?

GEEKCAT: Athleticism only Catsfan03... in regards to WIlliams and Dunleavy.

Dave Telep: I don't think so. For the most part, colleges will recruit the best player for their program. If they know one of the shoe head honchos maybe they get a good word put in for them but they still have to recruit the kid.

Dave Telep: bell is a PF.

CatsFan03: Hears hoping Adam works hard and gets that shot down. Thanks Dave!

Dave Telep: Adam Williams from WVA is in now way comparable to Mike Dunleavy.

CatsFan03: I gotta go to the Dr...PLEASE put the contents of the chat on the board somewhere!

trifecta: Which incoming freshman in the country will have the most impact ?

GEEKCAT: Rondo and Morris

3ballatuk: bradley

BACKAGAIN: Dave, If UK were to miss on Hansbrough, do you see anyway to get Tasmin away from LSU?

Dave Telep: Rudy Gay is going to have a big impact on college basketball.

freshshava: Mr. Telep, do you think it is fair to compare Chris Paul to Rondo?

GEEKCAT: Pete (TTCF) told me about you... LOL

Dave Telep: I would not bet against LSU for Mitchell.

Dave Telep: Chris Paul is twice the shooter Rondo is.

BACKAGAIN: Is Crawford the best 2G going to college?

GEEKCAT: Rondo needs to improve jumper and leaners to be in Paul's category.

Dave Telep: I think so about Crawford.

3ballatuk: chris had to be the shooter, rondo does not what of the other intangibles?

CardinalDoug: Crawford seems like a guy that can be a star at Uk, is he going to play 2g or SF?


tubthumper: Dave what are your thoughts on David Huertas? how good is he, where do u think he may end up?

Dave Telep: Crawford is SG.

CardinalDoug: meaning a 3 guard set

GEEKCAT: More of the 2G, but if we go to the 3 guard set. He will play the "3"

BACKAGAIN: What were your thoughts on Bobby Perry and Sheray Thomas when they signed with UK, and how well do you think they will develop?

Dave Telep: Huertas is a shooter by trade. I think he's been just average so far this spring and summer. I like him but would like to see him play well against good players in July.

GEEKCAT: With Bradley/Sparks/Rondo at the 1 and 2

Dave Telep: I thought Perry was a reach, especially after Duke, UNC and Wake passed. I thought Thomas was a good player but maybe a reach for UK at the time.

CardinalDoug: Huertas is not taking his test until NOvember, now does that hurt his recruitment with Louisville, Kansas?

Dave Telep: Yes, if he's waiting that long, some programs will most certainly move forward.

tubthumper: Would you take Huertas or Eric Devendor given the choice?

Dave Telep: Devendorf.

CardinalDoug: does Devendorf go to the hole well enough, or more of a shooter?

WldcatMan32: Dave, whose your pre-season #1 team?

Dave Telep: haven't thought about it yet. Recruiting and my wife are the only things on my mind right now. Occasionally my little puppy slips into my mind too.

BACKAGAIN: Dave, what do you feel is the reason(s) that UK's recruiting has imporved? Have you seen any changes in the way the staff is working?

Dave Telep: Devendorf is a player. He gets to the rim and finishes strong.

Dave Telep: I can't really cite the reason other than maybe they were more patient with the big time targets, worked their tail off with Crawford and made excellent evaluations and desicions early.

3ballatuk: thanks dave, and thankyou geekcat for hosting this, and rob for the invite

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