Sorrells playing waiting game

Quarterback Jordan Sorrells is one of the top gunslingers in the state of South Carolina. See what he had to say in his latest interview with Inside Kentucky, Thursday.

"We're all excited," quarterback prospect Jordan Sorrells told Inside Kentucky, Thursday. "We're all heading up to Kentucky here this weekend for that passing tournament."

With Travil Jamison and Nathan Pepper alongside the Greenville High School product, you'd expect them to be a contender for the passing tournament championship.

"We've got a real good team this year," Sorrells continued. "We had a real good spring and we are just real excited about this upcoming year."

"We've got 10 guys competing for three spots at reciever and a real solid defense coming back."

As far as his recruitment is concerned, Sorrells wants to keep his options open.

"I don't have any favorites right now," the senior-to-be said. "Just trying to concentrate on my team and having fun. I get mail from lots of places, though."

An internet report on another website had indicated that the Greenville (SC) product had indeed been offered by Kentucky.

"No sir, we are just waiting around to see," Sorrells said on Kentucky. "They are sending some mail and we'll be up there this weekend, so we'll see."

One option could be playing for his father at Furman.

"That would be a great experience, to have the opportunity to play for my Dad, cause we are pretty close. But in the end, he will support my decision no matter what."

Sorrells will get a chance to show off his skills this summer, as he is expected to attend team camps at Kentucky, Alabama, and Pittsburgh.

"Small school or big school, I am gonna make the best of the given situation and be happy with the decision I make."

If Sorrells is as good a quarterback as he is a kid, then he should have no worries about his future.

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